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Full-time Kindergarten Teachers for Kids

What's job?

We are recruiting some teachers to support and manage the English Immersion Class (15 kids in one class).

Duties include:
• Preparing teaching material/class management/preparing and joining the special events/leading and guiding kids in outdoor nursing activities/supporting parents/ creating classroom environment/supporting recruitment and PR activities etc.

The working hours are 08:00~16:45, including a lunch break from 12:00~12:45.
Generally, the work days are from Monday to Friday. In the case weekend or holiday attendances are required, the holidays will be exchanged to weekdays (25 times/year).

• Multiple subsidies offered, like ¥6,000 work subsidy, ¥14,000 family subsidy, ¥2,000 child subsidy, ¥6,000~¥10,000 class teacher subsidy etc.
• Transportation fee (up to 50,000yen/month)
• Multiple insurances
• Visa sponsorship
• 10 paid holidays/year after 6 months of employment
• Pre-training period
• Summer training period(2 weeks in August)


Japanese Level
English Level

• Have nursery experience.
• Have basic PC skills.
• Your English skill must be good enough to take care of children.

Job Information

Job Type
English Teacher
Work Type
Mitaka, Tokyo Pref.

About Company

学校法人 明泉学園

明泉学園 is a school corporation which runs a business in education of junior university students, high school students and kindergarten kids as well as in academic research. It has a woman’s junior university, a woman’s high school and 2 affiliated kindergartens in Miwamachi, Machida-shi. In April 2017, a new course was set up for training international childcare teachers in junior university/kindergartens.

Tsurukawa Kindergarten is located at Tokyo, Machida-shi, Miwamachi, 122-12, which is 12 minutes’ walk from Kakiyo Station, Odakyu Line.

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