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Part-time English Teacher for Children

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Part-time English Teacher for Children

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

◯Applicant being fond of children
◯Native English speaker
◯You must have experiences in teaching English for children.
◯Long term commitment (minimum 1 year) will be preferred.
◯Reliable and trustworthy person

Job Description

【Location】Shimoigusa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
【Closest Station】Shimoigusa station(Seibushinjuku line)

We are currently looking for main part-time English teachers for our pre-school

【Working hours】
Monday (basic hour)9:30~18:00  (Class hour)①10:00~14:00 ②15:30~17:30

Tuesday (basic hour)9:30~18:00  (Class hour)①10:00~14:00 ②15:30~17:30

Wednesday (basic hour)9:30~18:00  (Class hour)①10:00~10:50  ②11:00~11:50 ③15:30~17:30

Thursday (basic hour)9:30~14:30  (Class hour)10:00~14:00 

Friday (basic hour)9:30~18:00  (Class hour)①10:00~14:00 ②15:30~17:30

Possible applicants will work as either part-timer or full-time.
However, more than 2 days of work will be required.

2,200yen/per hour during Class Hour
1,050yen/per hour out of Class Hour

Transport expenses will be fully paid.
Pay rise will be considered by performance and abilities

About Company

Green Trees Co.,Ltd

Green trees Co., ltd., was established in November 2016 and its purpose is to provide
English educational systems and facilities for young Japanese peoples.

Currently, Green trees Co., ltd. is running a private English school in Mitaka for pre-school kids.
First Learning Mitaka has introduced the "Creative Curriculum", which is a standardized curriculum in the US, into their child education program from age between 1~6.
English environment and learning materials for the lessons with the provided textbook by Creative Curriculum. Please visit the web site for further details;

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