Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

  • 1. Guidable Jobs

    "Guidable Jobs" is a collective term for the online job-site and this website or email services or any other services related to assisting with job search.

  • 2. Member

    "Members" are registered users who had been approved by Guidable, inc. Members can benefit from services provided by Guidable for its members ( "member service" ) after their registration and approval. Guidable assumes Members have agreed to all Terms and Conditions upon registration.

  • 3. Personal Information

    This site’s content is visible to everybody. However, in order to use certain features, users have to register providing some personal information.

  • 4. Other Information Sources

    In order to enhance the quality of the site and to facilitate the users’ navigation, Guidable collects other information from users’ traffic through the following methods:

    Log files
    Web beacons

  • 5. Use of Information

    In accordance with the selected level of visibility chosen by each user, Guidable will use the information for the following purposes only:

    For statistical research
    To ask users to update their information
    To identify users using the site’s features including resume posting and job application
    To contact users by email about the site’s updates
    To contact users by email about available positions

  • 6. Modification of Personal Information

    Users can modify or delete their personal information anytime. To request for deleting your personal information, please fill out and submit a account deletion request.

  • 7. Prohibited Actions

    Members are prohibited from taking such actions. Registering false information Violation of Guidable and third parties' copyright, trademark right, privacy right, image right, credit, property and other intellectual right of use. Defamation of Guidable and third parties. Violation of law, public order and morals, and any action that may cause such problem. Anti-social behavior Preventing Guidable's operation or damaging Guidable, Inc's reputation, or any other action that may negatively affect Guidable's operation / provision of services. Using information gained through Guidable's service or member sells for reproduction, publishing and other purposes beyond personal use. Using Guidable's information for commercial purpose or provision. Attempt to explore or invade members' certification and security systems without proper authorization. Attempting to interfere with the service of Guidable, Inc. host or network by overloading, sending viruses or crashing the system Attempting to access non public data or accounts of other members. Other actions which Guidable recognizes as inappropriate.

  • 8. Disclaimer

    Guidable, inc. is not responsible for any damage (such as emotional distress, interruption of job searching process and any other damage (including financial loss) caused by registering on and using Guidable Jobs. Guidable, inc. is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy and validity of information provided through the member service. Guidable, inc. is not responsible for the result of using information gained through member service. Guidable is not responsible for any dispute that may emerge between a member and a company such as a provider of recruiting information. The member and company are responsible for settling the problem. Guidable is not responsible for any dispute which may emerge among members. Members will settle the problem amongst themselves. On Guidable sites, some links to external websites are provided. These websites are not managed by Guidable, and Guidable, is not responsible for the credibility of contents, modification and update of these websites. Guidable, inc. is not responsible for the use of personal information by any third party through the use of Guidable's services. Members disclose their personal information to a company they are applying to by using Guidable's system or other procedure.

    *** When applying to a job posting through Guidable Jobs, members agree that their personal information will be disclosed to the hiring company. After the application is made, the company the user applied to becomes the managing body of that user's personal information. Guidable, inc. is not responsible for how they handle users' personal information.

    *** When a user sends one's resume directly to an employer and has disclosed one's personal information, the company the user applied to becomes the managing body of your personal information. Guidable, inc. is not responsible for how they handle users' personal information. When the individual was identified by chance from information other than individual identification information provided in one's profile.

  • 9. Miscellaneous

    Guidable, inc. is not responsible for damage caused by computer viruses that can not be prevented by general anti-virus measures, convulsion of nature, and other damages caused by outside influences. Guidable, inc. does not guarantee to sustain the data on Guidable against such outside acts. Members should back up their data at their own responsibility.

  • 10. Modifying Regulations

    Guidable, inc. can modify Regulations at anytime. The modification is made by revising this page. This Regulation is applied to Guidable Members. In addition, Guidable’s Terms of Use for is also applied to Members.

  • 11. Date

    The present Terms and Privacy Policy shall become effective from January 1, 2017.