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Engineers Wanted! Put your skills to the test in a challenging environment!

Company Info

Guidable Inc.

Guidable Japan is a platform that offers guidance to Non-Japanese people who want to visit or are living in the Land of the Rising Sun. Whether you are just a tourist or an actual resident, living in Japan can be challenging if you are not familiar with it and don’t speak the language.
Public services in Japan are known to be very efficient, but sometimes the language and cultural barrier gets in the way of taking advantage of them. Our Guidable Japan website provides you with guidance and answers so that you can make the most of the resources that Japan’s society has to offer.
We do this by sharing interesting articles about society, lifestyle, culture, and everyday life in Japan. We want everyone to live comfortably in Japan.

Job Info

Job Type
Work Type
1,200 JPY/hour



Already finished tutorial on Ruby on Rails
Has basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
Has experience in managing Wordpress
Can adapt to new environments and situations
Responds promptly to new tasks


Maintenance of our web service (Guidable Jobs, Guidable Japan, Guidable Crew)

Since we are a start-up company, a quick work-efficiency is required!
Our products are services that have already been released, and live so attention to detail is key!

Do you want to work in a challenging environment?

Here is more information about our requirements:
・WordPress (since it is custom themed, knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP is required)
・Ruby on Rails (knowledge of erb and slim are preferred)

Applicants with operational experience in engineering welcome!
If you are not experienced and want to start out with us, and you have business experience you are welcome to apply!

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