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Caregiver Needed for Night Shift Work!

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Caregiver Needed for Night Shift Work!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
JPY 1000 /Hour

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

・Have a valid working visa
・Able to speak conversational level Japanese
・You will be working with people who have a disability, so you will need to be able to speak to them in a friendly and respectful manner.
・Can work at least once a week
・No experience required

Job Description

Care giver

Job Content:
Supporting the daily life of people who have disabilities

JPY 1,000 /Hour

Work Shift:
Female dormitory Yu/Luana/Shanti
15:30~10:00 (5 hours rest)
JPY 14,250 (night shift bonus included)

Male dormitory Ippo
17:00~10:00(5 hours rest)
JPY 12,750(night shift bonus included)

Workplace/ Closest station

To the Female dormitories:

-Yu Isogo, Yokohama-shi(Ashinabashi Bus Station from Isogo Station)
-Luana Isogo, Yokohama-shi (Ashinabashi Bus Station from Isogo Station)
-Shanti Minami, Yokohama-shi (Gumyouji Station)

To the Male Dormitory:
-Ippo Isogoshi, Yokohama-shi (Negishi Station)

Social Benefits:
Possibility of Promotion
Transportation fee included

Shifts are also available on the weekends.
Female dormitory  10:00~15:30 1,000円/H 
Male dormitory 10:00~17:00 1,000円/H

Even if you are inexperienced, don't worry. We will help you with the care. Students, housewives, double workers are also accepted.
Let's support people with disabilities together.

About Company

Yokohama Kyosei Kai

Yokohama Kyousei Kai was founded in 1993, aiming to provide an environment where everyone can live in peace. We provide short stay service to disables and elderly. We also provide hospital service and care plaza service. People who want to become a care giver is welcomed.

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