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【Staff can receive 50% discounts】Pizza delivery person wanted!(Can work 3 hours or more in Hatchobori)

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【Staff can receive 50% discounts】Pizza delivery person wanted!(Can work 3 hours or more in Hatchobori)

Job Information

Job Type
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Job Requirement

Japanese level
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□ Need to have a motorcycle driver’s license
□ Need to work more than 3 days a week, 3 hours a day
□ Need to have a valid working visa
□ 原付免許
□ 週3日、1日3時間~
□ 就労可能なビザを持っている方

Job Description

【Job Content】
Deliver pizzas to the customers. Inexperienced people can also work because senior staff will guide you at first. Let's get used to the job little by little!
After that, you will also handle phone calls and deal with customers.
<Preparation for the delivery>
Safety is the priority. We require you to check your vehicle every time you ride the motorcycle. Moreover, we also ask you to recite "safe driving vows" before the delivery in order to raise your awareness of safe driving.
You will check the address of destination while waiting for the pizzas with the big map equipped to the stores so that you can deliver efficiently.
The delivery starts after preparation. Do not worry if you do not have knowledge of the local area or experience. The senior staff will guide you at first and accompany you as chaperones. You can get used to the job little by little. The most important thing is safe driving.
<Delivery to the customers>
Delivery staff can be regarded as a customer service. Please be polite and cheerful as a representative of Domino's Pizza. Getting a "thank you" from the customers will be your motivation.
¥1,300/h~ (¥1,250/h during 2 months training period)
※the length of training period will depend on your achievements
【Working hour】
Self-report system
Negotiable only for weekend
More than 3 days a week, 3 hours a day
For housewives/husbands!
For students!
As a second job!
-Uniform will be distributed
-Rise in pay
-50% discounts
-25% rise in pay after 22:00
-You can commute by bicycle and bike
  Anyone who attended the interview  
  Free tickets for Domino's Deluxe(M)   
7 minute walk from JR Hatchobori station
【Other recruiting stores】

About Company

Domino's Pizza Japan

The history of pizza delivery in Japan started with Domino’s Pizza.
In 1960, a small pizza store called “Dominic” was opened in the college town of Ypsilanti, U.S. This was the beginning of the success of Domino’s Pizza. The founder is Thomas S. Monaghan. The systems he produced “delivering a handmade taste to tables,” and offering “50 cent discounts if delivery took more than 30 minutes” were greatly supported in the U.S. These systems are popular not only in the U.S, but also all over the world including Asia, Europe, and Australia. We have expanded to 10,000 stores in the world, and keep growing even today.

Our goal is to “deliver the best pizza safely to our customers within 30 minutes”
We age regular crust at stores and stretch the dough after receiving the order and add toppings, delivering delicious pizzas quickly to the customers with a feeling of being freshly baked.
We will keep challenging ourselves to strive towards our goals.




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