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Part-time Preschool/After School/Mommy & Me Teacher

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Part-time Preschool/After School/Mommy & Me Teacher

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
Daily wage: 14,000円~16,000円 (for 9hrs minus lunch)

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level


・Candidates who hold a valid Japanese Working Visa

・Candidates who can work at least 3 days a week

・Candidates who can work on either Sat or Sun

Strongly Preferred:

・Candidates with a playful and energetic personality and teaching style

・Candidates who are comfortable singing and performing in front of others

・Candidates who are good team players and can share responsibilities with other staff

・Candidates who are willing to get involved in the non-teaching aspects of the position

(admin, marketing, training, cleaning, etc.)

Job Description

To lead and support mommy & me, preschool prep, preschool and after school classes for children 0-9 years old.

Our teachers lead dynamic and interactive play-based preschool, after school and "mommy and me" classes that build children’s cognitive, social and physical skills. Designed by child development experts, our programming focuses on and supports the specific developmental milestones children are working on at their age.

We provide excellent paid training, support, and motivation to help you grow and succeed. Employees are thoroughly trained in the Gymboree Method of Teaching, operation of our facilities, and child development. This training requires a commitment to learn and grow, and is a long-term proposition. The official training period may last up to 2 months and ends as soon as you can teach your first class on your own.

About Company

Gymboree International School

At Gymboree International School (GIS), we help children gain the 7 social skills and English language skills they need to succeed in our global society. Our mommy & me, preschool prep, preschool and after school programs incorporate our original music, play, art and sports activities which give children the opportunity to discover their individual talents and improve their communication skills in an all English environment. Our curriculum has been created based on our experience as the global leader in early childhood programs for over 40 years. Gymboree Play & Music currently has more than 700 sites in over 50 countries.

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