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【Tsukuba】Jobs at Construction Site | Good Working Environment!

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【Tsukuba】Jobs at Construction Site | Good Working Environment!

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Very nice teamwork and great working environment!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥13,000 /day

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

○ Have a valid working visa in Japan
○ Person who is punctual
○ Can be contacted immediately
○ Inexperienced person welcome

Job Description

▼Job Content
- Las formwork and equipment versatility
Working at construction sites

¥13,000 /day
* Training period at 24 sites: ¥10,000 for both las mold and equipment (experience on-site is negotiable)
▼Example of shift
For part-time workers (within 15 days): weekly shift system is required.
Depending on the situation, there may be orders from the day before.
▼Working Hours

▼Work location
Sites in Tsukuba, Ibaraki.
We can pick you up at Sangen-Jaya, Tokyo.

□ Complete social insurance (construction national health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance)
□ Various allowances (+1000 yen)
□ Possibility of salary raise
□ Transportation expenses Shinjuku / Shibuya starting point provision
□ Free shift system
We are a workplace where actors, band players, foreigners, scriptwriters, female staff, and others who have dreams in various fields are working. With the motto "Let's get the job done anyway!" And "Bright, fun and energetic!", The company's philosophy is to create a company where all employees can truly feel "It's really good to be in the Anno Trust!"
Regarding part-time jobs, we have introduced the lax attendance system: "Do you want to enter tomorrow?" Annotrust is the only company that has produced results in such a new style when looking across the artisan industry. Of course, we are proud of what we do best in Japan!
Please lend your help so that we can live fulfilling lives together!
We are waiting for your application!!

About Company

Anno Trust Co., Ltd. is a new company founded in 2017. This is a new era mold that specializes in foundation of the "las mold" plant, and is nearly 10 times faster than the conventional mold and does not require dismantling. We also do not use nails.
In addition, we specialize in facility work related to various operations such as plumbing and ducts; mainly in two industries. We also introduce a free attendance system. In case of part-time jobs, we're welcoming a free style shift for people with other jobs. Would you like to start tomorrow?

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