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【Kanagawa】Rental Scaffold Equipment Inspection Worker (*License Required)

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【Kanagawa】Rental Scaffold Equipment Inspection Worker (*License Required)

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Have a valid working visa
□ MUST have a forklift license
□ MUST have a Japanese driver's license
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ Can greet in a friendly manner
□ Healthy and able to work outdoors

Job Description

▼Job Description
ーLogistics managementー
Management of temporary scaffold rentals used at construction sites.
We count quantities and check for failures.
Once you get used to it, we also ask you to manage the movement of materials with a forklift.
¥ 1,500 / hour * Transportation fees assistance
▼Working hours
8: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Break 90 minutes, actual work 7 hours 30 people)
*Overtime less than 1 hour a day
*2 days off a week (More than 3 working days a week)
*Holidays are Sundays, national holidays, New Year's holidays, and summer holidays
ASNOVA Kanagawa Sagamihara Center
(1227-1, Hayamajima-narao, Midori, Sagamihara, Kanagawa)
* Transportation assistance
* Car commuting is possible (free parking)
・Social insurance
・Able to convert to full-time
・Transportation expense will be paid
・Uniform lending
The part-time contract period is up to 4 months.
* There is a full-time employee appointment system
Our company's management philosophy is `` Providing security and happiness for employees, their families, customers, and shareholders, aiming for a company to pursue. " Looking to provide "security and happiness" to those who can work.
First, apply for a part-time job and take the challenge of full-time once you get used to the job.

About Company

ASNOVA's started as a rental business for scaffolding required at construction sites.
We specialize in procuring materials, and have been supporting the start of new buildings, new businesses, and new dreams.
ASNOVA aims to share this power with partners in a wider area,
and build an attractive world where everyone can challenge their dreams.
Would you like to take the first step in your dream with ASNOVA?

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