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【Tokyo】Caregiver / Care Support Staff for the Elderly

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【Tokyo】Caregiver / Care Support Staff for the Elderly

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Working hours are undetermined. Able to negotiate your preferred working time.

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥1,013~/ h

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Has a valid working visa
□ Can communicate in conversational Japanese
□ Can greet cheerfully
□ Can work more than 2 days a week
□ No experience required

Job Description

- Caregiver
- Care Support Staff

▼Job Contents
You will be responsible for taking care of any support for the elderly.
Mainly making beds and keeping customers' rooms clean and comfortable,
guiding to the bathroom, and assisting bathing, toilet, and daily meals.

- Caregiver 1,060 Yen ~ 
- Care Support Staff 1,013 Yen ~

▼Working Hours
Working Hours are undetermined.
Able to negotiate your preferred working time.

▼Working Location
Itabashi Ward, Tokyo
Near station: Narimasu Station (Tobu-Tojo Line)- 13 min walk
Near bus stop: Narimasu 4-chome - 2 min walk

□ Transportation fees will be fully paid
□ Lunch service (200yen / time)
□ Negotiable working hours

It's a comfortable workplace and we all enjoy working together.
Everyone helps each other. No worries if you are inexperienced.
Looking forward to your application!

About Company

Shisuikai Honest Narimasu

Shisuikai/ Honest Group is a social welfare corporation that makes a wide range of social welfare contributions, including welfare facilities for the elderly, facilities for people with disabilities, and kindergartens. We are rooted in a community that has plans for new businesses one after another, and values the production of executives, the development of community welfare needs, and the interaction with neighbouring residents.
Aiming to be a nursing care site full of "thanks", we operate a nursing facility/nursery school loved by the local community and create an environment where people can live with peace of mind so that they can be a leader in the welfare and nursing industry by being "bright, fun, and energetic."

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