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【Aichi】Traffic Guards to Keep People Safe| Clean Dormitory with Meals

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【Aichi】Traffic Guards to Keep People Safe| Clean Dormitory with Meals

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Clean Dormitory! Free Meals! Regular attendance ¥10,000/a month!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥10,000~/ day

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Has one of the following status of residence: Permanent, Long-term, or Spouse Visa
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ No experience needed

Job Description

▼Job Content
You will be responsible for traffic guards to avoid traffic problems for cars and pedestrians.
*The training period is 3days (¥926/h)
▼Working hour
(Meeting time) 6:30~7:00
(Working hour) 8:00~17:00
*Working hours depend on the proposition
4~6Days/a week
Working location changes depending on the propositions
(*Possibility to go straight to the sites and back (negotiable)
Company Address: Urasato1-111, Midori-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi
Shift system
*You can freely decide your holidays
□ Dormitory available (¥ 1,500/a day)
□ Cafeteria available for free (other regulations apply)
□ Regular attendance available ¥10,000/a month (other regulations apply)
□ Social insurances
□ Transportation fees will be fully paid
□ Driver allowance (~¥ 500/a day)
□ Daily payment negotiable (¥2,000/a day is the maximum )
□ Working clothes will be provided

About Company

Meisei advance Co.,Ltd.

Meisei Advance is a group company of Meisei Construction Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1983.
We are also applying our abundant experience in the civil engineering business to the security business.

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