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【Tokyo】Home-visiting Care Giver | High wage and flexible shift work !

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【Tokyo】Home-visiting Care Giver | High wage and flexible shift work !

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No experience/qualification needed! Working schedule is all up to you!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥2,100~/ hour

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Has an appropriate working visa
□ Can communicate in Japanese
□ Has / will take caregiver certification is preferred
□ Intends to work in the nursing care industry
□ No experience required

Job Description

※The company is hiring those who will eventually get a caregiver certification even you don't currently have one.
You will be needed to engage the caregiving duty alone in the future.

▼Job Contents
You will be responsible for taking care of any support for the elderly who live in their home,
usually assisting physical movements to bath, and for the toilet and daily meals.
In addition, help their lives by shopping, cleaning, and/or cooking meals.

¥2,100/ hour (¥1,400/ 30mins)
+¥700 every 30 mins period
◎The wage is higher if you work on nighttime or at weekends.
|- for evening & morning, 6:00~8:00, 18:00~ 22:00 ⇨ 25% up
|- for the nighttime 22:00~ 6:00 ⇨ 50% up
|- for weekends (Sat. / Sun.) ⇨ Plus ¥100/ hour

▼Working Hours
Shift work depending on you.

▼Working Location
Depends on the case. (Home visiting care)
(Office: Okusawa, Setagaya, Tokyo)

□ Allowance for the morning, night and holiday work.
□ Transportation fees will be supported
□ Social insurances

About Company

Nanahoshi Care Station

Nanahoshi Care Service is a care-giving office that opened in September 2010, provides home-visit care services and support services for people with disabilities, and features a 24-hour, 365-day patrol service.

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