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【Tokyo】General House Cleaning

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【Tokyo】General House Cleaning

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Able to promote to regular employees!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥9,000/ day

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Has a valid working visa
□ Can communicate in Japanese
□ Can work as a regular employee in the future

Job Description

※NOTE that the company is also hiring who have the potential to eventually promote to regular employees.
If you want to work as a regular employee, please feel free to let us know!
-Main Duties and Responsibilities-
Responsible for cleaning work based on house cleaning for apartments.
Depending on business requests, we also responsible for building maintenance (regular cleaning) and cleaning of food factories and general households.

-Training Period-
For the first 3 months (you will be working as a non-regular employee)
¥9,000~/ day
*It may be raised depending on your performance
-Working Hours-
9:00-18:00 (1-hour break included)
-Work Location-
Apartments or building located within Tokyo as requested
Office: 12-14, Honda-2, Kokubunji, Tokyo
Station: Kokubunji Station (JR Line)
Summer, Year-end and New Years

-Employee Benefits-
□ Transportation fees will be covered
□ Promotion system to regular employees
□ Social insurances (only for regular employee)

About Company

We pursue "beauty" mainly in building maintenance work and provide "safety" and "relief" to our customers.

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