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【Osaka】Nursing care staff wanted!!

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【Osaka】Nursing care staff wanted!!

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You can get skill and mental support at the same time!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥1,050~/hour or ¥235,000~/month

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have a valid working visa
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ Initial training nursing care qualification
□ Able to make documents on words or excel
□ Able to write Japanese(hiragana) for recordings

Job Description

▼Job Content
Support of the everyday life of resident.
Physical assistance such as bathing, the excretion assistance, life support such as the cleaning, nurse call correspondence.
¥245,000~/month (Care worker with nursing care qualification) 

¥240,000~/month (For practical training)

¥235,000~/month (Initial training nursing care qualification)
※Includes 4 times of night shifts and provisional support fee. (From fifth time ¥5,000/time)
¥1,100~/hour(Care worker with nursing care qualification)
¥1,080~/hour (For practical training)
¥1,050~/hour(Initial training nursing care qualification)
※Includes some care service fees.
※Pay raise of 200 yen between 7:00~9:00 or 18:00~20:00
▼Working hour
(Includes an hour of break)
4 hours between7:00〜20:00
From twice in a week(Consultation available)
2 Chome-61-32 Shibocho, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-0823
Premankoti Takatsuki
□ Social insurance is provided(Under regulations)
□ Uniform is provided
□ Qualification support system is available
□ Year end and new year allowance
We prioritize human relationship.
New member can get skill and mental support. The facility nursing care is less burden for you compared to visit home nursing care system. And you can deeply care 1 on 1, surrounded by other co-workers feeling safe.
Looking forward to get your applies!

About Company

Kitaosaka care service

We are operating “Premankoti Takatsuki” for elderly people with the service and reach the sixth year in this year. All the staff do the best for the facilities to be chosen. There is aim to make it no regret of resident who reached last moments". For new staff, we are looking for one who may work for residents’ demand and company that can be the best together.

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