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【Chiba】Inexperience Workers Welcome! Machine Maintenance Job

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【Chiba】Inexperience Workers Welcome! Machine Maintenance Job

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Stable machine maintenance jobs which will never go away!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have a valid working visa(Permanent, Long-term or Spouse visa)
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ Have a Japanese driving license
□ Who can go to office by yourself (by foot/ bicycle, motorcycle or car)
□ If you can use one of the following, you get salary raise:Foreman, slinging, gas welding, scaffolding, small mobile crane
□ One who can read easy kanji

Job Description

▼Job Content
・Maintenance (disassembly, cleaning, inspection, measurement, maintenance, parts replacement, assembly, restoration, commissioning)
・New installation (equipment transportation, installation, assembly, test run observation)
・Removal (dismantling and transporting equipment) and associated scaffolding and dismantling work (including overhead crane operation).
* You will be working in a team at each site. If you are inexperienced, your supervisor and seniors will provide you with guidance so that you do not work alone.
¥171,000~468,000 / Month  
▼Working hour
Start at 8:00-17:00
*Gather at the company in the morning, head to each site in a company vehicle, work at the site, and return to the office.
*Due to the construction process, there will be work on holidays and night work.
*Overtime work is about 10 hours/month at most.
Chiba and Kanagawa
There will be business installation trip as well.(*Locations may differ)
□ All transportation fees covered
□ Leave with pay and exchange holiday is available
□ There are 87 days holiday (Include: Sunday, National Holiday, New year’s holiday, Golden week that is big holiday in May, Summer vacation and company-specified vacations)
□ Uniform and safety tool will be provided
□ Employment insurance, social insurance coverage, housing allowance, family allowance, qualification allowance are available.

About Company

This job involves the maintenance, installation, and removal of industrial machinery installed in power plants, petroleum and chemical plants, etc., and the associated scaffolding and dismantling (including overhead crane operation).
This is a job needs a lot of physical strength, but you will find it rewarding because it is a job that you can put your hands to work.

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