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【Tokyo】Security Guard Wanted Who Want To Work In Various Places!!

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A wide range of staff from their 20s to their 70s are working. Your work is to watch over the site. You can get a stable income ♪ You can start from either morning or night ★

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
Daily salary ¥10,100~15,000/day or Night shift ¥13,000~18,000/day

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ 18 years old and over (according to the Security Services Act)
□ Preferential treatment for Traffic Guidance Security Test Certification holders
□ Age does not matter, inexperienced are welcome

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities Watching over pedestrians and vehicles on roads and construction sites so that they can pass safely.
Daily salary \10,100~\15,000
Night shift / Daily salary \13,000~18,000
▼Working Hours
Consultation is possible for work start time and for working days
① 8: 00 ~ ②8: 30 ~ ③9: 00 ~ ④20: 00 ~
Work an eight-hour day
Working 20 days or more a month is also possible
Available(20 hrs)
Those who wish to obtain the Traffic Guidance Security Test Certification will have a company support system
▼Work Location
3-32-7 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Taika Building 3F
Within 5 minutes from Ikebukuro station
Company dormitory can be arranged
Promotion to permanent staff available
Social Insurance
Travel directly to and from the construction site possible
Night shift / Qualification / Overtime allowance
Transportation expenses fully reimbursed
Evaluated after 2 months of trial period (same conditions), then get a pay raise.
Special incentives available (\20,000~\50,000/month)
Certification holder allowance (\20,000~\50,000/month)
We have a training support so beginners can also work without any difficulty.
Daily payment/ Weekly payment available
Single dormitories and family dormitories can be arranged so you can rest assured that your expenses will be reduced.

About Company

Justice support

Justice Support Inc., is the security guard company which provides safe and secure and contribute to the society. We have made results with liable high security service and create future.

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