【Saitama】Unload, Assemble Columns, Interior Finishing

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【Saitama】Unload, Assemble Columns, Interior Finishing

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Paid leave and annual bonus !!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
250,000 JPY ~ / month (It depends on your skill and performance)

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Has working permission
□ Can communicate in Japanese
□ Can greet cheerfully and act in groups following its rules
□ Has driver's license (preferred)

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
This job involves constructing wooden houses, upper building construction of apartments, columns and beams on foundation, interior finishing.
You will be mainly responsible for the work of transporting and unloading the framework of columns and beams and assembling them Simply put, it is an image of assembling a large plastic model.

250,000 JPY ~ / month (It depends on your skill and performance)

For 1~3 months - 8,000 JPY / day
(The period and the salary will be decided depending on your experience and skills)
▼Working Hours
8:00~18:00 (2-hr break included)
*The work is occasionally finished earlier

▼Work Location
Construction is mainly at the sites in Kanto region
*Basically go straight to the job sites and right back home
Company: 2-28-20-101 Shibashimo, Kawaguchi, Saitama
□ Transportation expenses covered
□ Salary increase
□ Tools rental
□ Qualification acquisition support
□ Social insurance
□ Paid leave
□ Annual bonus
You can quickly become familiar with teamwork. Even if you are inexperienced, your seniors will give you gentle guidance.
We all work together to make a good house!

About Company

K'build Co., Ltd. is active mainly in the Kanto region, focusing on the construction of upper buildings, construction carpenters, and interior construction of general wooden houses and apartment houses.

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