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【Tokyo】We Are Looking For A Plumber Who Will Protect Our Lives With Water!

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【Tokyo】We Are Looking For A Plumber Who Will Protect Our Lives With Water!

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Salary increase chance!!

Job Information

Job Type
Work Type
230,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
Have following visa to work in Japan (Permanent, Long-term or Spouse)
Have the ability to speak everyday conversation in Japanese
Have Japanese driver’s license
*Non-experiences workers, new workers are welcome!

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
・Installing and fixing the water supply and drainage hygienic equipment of public housing
・Dealing with any water related issues (plumbing)
・We create the work that is routine, but essential.
・We will be a great asset to society through our work -maintaining water services.
・Our labor is consistently, and often urgently in high demand.
・You will feel self-worth and satisfaction through the service of others in society.
・You can develop various skills and achieve self-improvement, through your contribution to society through the work.
・230,000 yen(No experienced)~ /month+bonus
▼Working Hours
・8:00~17:00(actual work hours :8 hours )
・※Varies depending on the location
First 3 months
▼Work Location
※Mainly Ko-to ku, Sumida-ku, or /and Edogawa-ku
3-3-11 Tachibana, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
* 5 minutes walk from Tobu Kameido Line/ To‘Higashi Azuma Station’ Kameido Suijin Station’
*10 minutes walk from JR Sobu Line/ Tobu Kameido Line’ Kameido Station’
□ Full transportation expenses
□ Salary Increase
□ Bonuses twice a year
□ Perfect attendance bonus
□ Insurance ( Heath Insurance, Employee’s pension)
□ Uniform provided
□ Certification acquisition support system
□ Probationary period of 1 -3 months ( No experience : salary from 230,000 yen/ month, Experienced : salary from 250,000 yen/ month)

About Company

Hayashi Setsubi Kogyo (close)
We have operated for 37 years providing various services related to plumbing.
We have assisted with plumbing, such as repair and renovation of the water supply system for
a housing complex (apartments, community housing, public corporation housing, etc).
Our customers include people from local residences, communities, real estate agencies, and building management agencies.
Our performance has been highly recognized based on the high quality of service, and our convenient location within the local community. Consequently, we have many regular clients.
We are very proud to offer speedy and dedicated services.
Nowadays, many jobs have been replaced with AI systems. However, our hands-on services cannot be replaced, and continues to serve our urban lifestyle and its development.

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