【Shizuoka】Assembling Engine Parts Job

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【Shizuoka】Assembling Engine Parts Job

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Daily Payment Available

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
1,350 Yen / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have visas with no work restrictions (Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, or Long-term Resident)
□ People who can speak conversational Japanese

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
It is an operator work to shaper a machine.
Specifically, casting, shaping, and painting motorcycle parts.
You may handle heavy items of 10 to 15 kg.
Trial period is 2 months
* Salary during that period is 1,300 yen / hours
1,350 Yen / hour
▼Working Hours
4 pattern shifts
①8:00〜17:00 Break: 70 mins
②6:30〜15:00 Break: 60 mins
③14:20〜22:50 Break: 60 mins
④22:20〜6:40 Break: 60 mins
▼Day off
GW, summer vacation, winter vacation
▼Company Office
Iwata-shi, Shizuoka
Driving 20 min from Iwata station, Tokaido Line
Driving 20 min from Iwata IC, Tomei High Way

・Social insurance
・Daily payment system available
・Overtime, late night and holiday pay
・Free pick up from dormitory
・One room dormitory with equipment
・Car commuting, and free parking is available
・Free rental of work clothes
・Dining hall available
* Each treatment has regulations

About Company

Out-Sourcing inc.

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