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【Sapporo】Engineer Position

【Sapporo】Engineer Position

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Job Information

Job Type
IT・Creative / SE・PG
Work Type
・Sapporo City All Areas, Hokkaido Pref.
197,000 ~ 360,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ 2 years of development experience in any development language
□ Preferably has development experience with C, C++, .NET, JAVA, etc.
□ A positive attitude with a challenging spirit
□ Japanese level N3 or above

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
You will be mainly responsible for developing web-based systems for clients in the Tokyo area.
You will be involved in upstream processes such as requirements definition and basic design, as well as creating proposals to solve the client's problems.

▼Main Tasks
Windows application development
Web system development
Application development for smartphones
Development of Server-based applications

197,000 ~ 360,000 yen / month

▼Working Hours
9:00 - 17:30 (7 hours work)
(Note) Overtime is about 20-30 hours per month.
Paid holidays
New Year holiday
Congratulation and condolence leave
Maternity and paternity leave
2 days off per week
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday
Refreshment leave (3 consecutive holidays)

On-the-job training, departmental training, and incentives to acquire qualifications are provided to naturally motivate you to improve your skills.
Trial period 3 months
No change in benefits or conditions during the trial period.
No change in job description during the probationary period.

Commuting allowance up to 30,000 yen per month
Full social insurance
Support to acquire qualifications
Retirement benefits
No smoking in the office
Qualification acquisition support system
IPA national qualifications (paid up to 3 times) => Congratulation money for passing
We also support acquisition of various vendor qualifications such as Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Cisco, etc.
(Remarks on measures to prevent passive smoking) Smoking room available
Overtime allowance
No fixed overtime payment
Salary increase (once a year)
Bonus (twice a year)

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