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【Chiba】Full-time Staff in Factory that Produces Materials using Cement!

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【Chiba】Full-time Staff in Factory that Produces Materials using Cement!

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We have experience in working with foreign workers!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
・Must currently reside in Japan
・Have a valid working visa(Permanent, Long-term or Spouse visa)
・Must understand, read, and communicate in Japanese.
・Applicants who have challenging spirits!
・Applicants who can commute to our factory in the Chiba Prefecture

Job Description

▼Job Contents
You will work on a factory that uses cement to produce materials used in homes and bills! The main tasks you will be in charge are the follow ones.

-Measurement of materials
-Mixing all materials into a mixer
-Adjustment of products for regular portion and weight
-Accumulation of products on logistics pallet

We might ask you to do other jobs depending on the case.
¥230,000 /Month

We are currently looking for full-time workers in our Chiba product factory:

1 Omi, Katori City, Chiba Prefecture
Our factory is located 8 minutes by car from Omigawa station.
・Transportation Fee provided (gasoline)
・You can come by car or bike/bicycle
・Social insurance provided

About Company

Kadoya Kogyo Co.,Ltd

We have been doing business for 54 years on the manufacturing and sales of mortar, which is one of the most important materials involving cement. As for our product, we have mortar materials to glue marble and tiles and general plastering materials to build houses. Moreover, we also manufacture material to purify drainage water, which leads to the protection of our environment in the world.

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