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【Shiga】 English Teacher Position in Otsu-shi

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【Shiga】 English Teacher Position in Otsu-shi

Job Information

Job Type
Language・Education / English Teacher
Work Type
Ootsu, Shiga Pref.
250,000 ~ / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
■A two-year Associate’s Degree, or higher (i.e. Bachelor Degree) is required for visa sponsorship purposes
■Expected to work over 2 years

Job Description

Kids Duo is a fully immersive English environment at its core, and organizes classes of mixed skill levels and age groups.
■Preparation for lessons and events
■Follow the Kids Duo framework of lessons, while creatively developing your own personalized and unique approach in teaching
■Cleaning and organizing
■Plan and organize events: Halloween, Christmas, seasonal (Spring, Summer and Winter), Spelling Bees, Speech contests etc.
■Interaction with parents
■Promotional activities (handing out flyers, etc.)
■Help in the running of the school
Kids Duo Otsuseta/Moriyama/Minamikusatsu

(You will be assigned to 1 school, but expected to support other schools when needed)

■5 days a week: Monday-Friday (9 hours, including a 1-hour break)
■Rotate between shifts which generally fall between the hours of 9:30am and 8:30pm
■Visa sponsorship
■Work related commuting costs are covered
■Health insurance included
■Paid overtime
■Paid Vacation 10 days after 6 months of work
Company holidays which fall predominantly on the three main holidays in Japan:
・Golden Week
・Obon Week
・End of Year

About Company

Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
Over 40 years of results! Celebrating 30 years as Yaruki Switch Group with over 10,000 students and counting!

Yaruki Switch Group is a comprehensive education group that operates with the philosophy of "Individual Approaches for Individuals". We have developed a network of over 1,700 schools and counting all throughout Japan and overseas as well!
We are dedicated to finding the inner "jewel" within each and every child of the world, and providing our full support to make that jewel shine; supporting and helping them to achieve their dreams by unleashing their unlimited potential.