【Aichi, Toyohashi】Machining of metal materials! Day shift!

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【Aichi, Toyohashi】Machining of metal materials! Day shift!

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You can start working after 3 days at the earliest once hired!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Has a required visa (Permanent/Long-Term/ Spouse)
□ Can communicate in basic Japanese
□ Can understand the instruction of the task required in Japanese

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
Cutting metal material by machinery.
・Placing the material in the machine and then pressing the switch to “ON”
・Checking the material after processing / cutting

It is a repetitive task to control the switch of the machinery.
You will become proficient quickly as they are all simple tasks.
¥1,400/ hour
▼Working Hours
・Weekends off ( Saturday and Sunday)
・A long vacation available
・Approximately 40 hours per month of overtime
*No training period
▼Work Location
Akemi-cho, Toyohasi-shi, Aichi-ken
□Insurance package (pension plan program, health insurance, nursing insurance, employment insurance, occupational accident insurance)
□10 days paid vacation added after 6 months’ employment
□Employee dormitory provided
□Company’s transportation services available
□Daily payment / advanced payment available
□Lease of company’s motorized bicycle available
□Uniform provided

・High hourly wage position!

About Company

Active Corporation

Since 2001, Active Corporation has been providing temporary staffing services in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. 200 people in their 20's to 50's have registered with us and are currently working for companies in Aichi and Shizuoka Prefectures. We also have a dormitory where you can move in straight away, shuttle service and motorbikes for hire, so you can work in comfort. The office is conveniently located right in front of Minamisakae Station on the Toyohashi Railway Atsumi Line. The Toyota office is also a short walk from the station, so please feel free to drop by and make an enquiry.

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