【Obihiro, Hokkaido】Staffs Wanted for Snacks Manufacturing Operation

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【Obihiro, Hokkaido】Staffs Wanted for Snacks Manufacturing Operation

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You can work from 3 days per week!

Job Information

Job Type
Work Type
950 / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□Has a required visa (Permanent/Long-Term/ Spouse)
□Can communicate in basic Japanese
□Can write their own name in Hiragana and Katakana as part of filing a time-off request form 
□Can work at least 3 days per week
□No experience required   

Job Description

Main Responsibilities
・Croquettes, French fries, and snacks manufacturing operation
・Trimming and selecting vegetables
・Peeling, packaging, and boxing etc.
950 yen per hour
▼Working Hours
①6:45~14:00 ②8:00~17:00 ③9:00~14:00 ④10:45~14:00 ⑤16:50~21:50 ⑥16:50~1:50 
Days off: Sunday and other
Safety training provided on the first day     
▼Work Location
Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido
Work location will be in Shihoro-cho.
About 30-minute drive from the inside of Obihiro city. (It will take 1 hour when using our shuttle bus due to our designated transportation route.)
□Paid transportation expenses within a budget when commuting by own car
□Company’s free transportation services available for employees who work for ①,② or ③shift
□Free work-related items provided
□Free dry-cleaning services for work clothes
□In-house sales ( croquettes etc.)
□A private locker provided

About Company

Assist One Co., Ltd
We have offered staffing services since April 2007. We strive to provide our assistance with connecting people in the growth of the human resources business industry.
We have contributed our great efforts to our society for continued improvement.
Through our dedicated consulting services, we endeavor to deliver our clients to the place where they can enhance their value.

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