【Tokyo, Setagaya】Full-time | Nursing care job at an elderly home!

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【Tokyo, Setagaya】Full-time | Nursing care job at an elderly home!

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Even if you are inexperienced, there is training so you can work with peace of mind!

Job Information

Job Type
Work Type
224,500 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Has working permission
□ Can communicate in basic Japanese
□ Those who can read and write hiragana, katakana, and simple kanji
□ Those who have beginner training (helper level 2) or higher

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
General care services such as meals, bathing, excretion, etc.
Supporting the lives of the elderly
・ Monthly salary example: 256,000 yen (including university graduates and 5 night shifts)
・ Bonus twice a year (total 3.3 months)
・ Salary increase once a year
・ Lump-sum payment for treatment improvement (June, December)
・ Fixed salary: ¥224,500~/month
* Fixed salary includes 20 hours of overtime pay
Educational background, long-term care experience, etc. will be added.
・ Night shift allowance: ¥5,000/time
[Provided separately]
・ Qualification allowance: ¥13,000 (long-term care welfare worker)
・ Transportation expenses: ¥50,000(upper limit)
・ New Year's Day allowance: ¥5,000/ day
▼Working Hours

Daytime: 8 hours of actual work, 60 minutes of break
Nighttime: 16 hours of actual work, 60 minutes of break

・ 4 weeks 8 holidays (shift system)
・paid holiday
・ Prenatal and postnatal leave
・ Childcare and nursing care leave
6 months
* From the basic salary, it will be -2,000 ~ 3,000 yen.
▼Work Location
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
・ Immediately after getting off the bus stop! | Keio Line "Chitose Karasuyama Station"
(7 minutes by bus ⇒ 1 minute on foot)
・ About bus use
From "Keio Line, Chitose Karasuyama Station", take the Odakyu Bus bound for Seijo Gakuen West Exit Station and take "Nari 06" for 7 minutes.
From "Odakyu Line, Seijo Gakuenmae Station", take the Odakyu Bus "Naru 06" bound for the south exit of Chitose Karasuyama Station for 7 minutes.

□ Social insurances
□ Paid holiday
□ Retirement age 60 years old, rehiring up to 65 years old
□ Join the Life Support Club
□ Celebration catalog gift present
□ Disney Resort ticket discount
□ Movie theater ticket discount, suit purchase discount
□ Sports gym discounts, affiliated restaurant discounts, etc.
□ There are welfare facilities, membership resort hotels, XIV, etc.
□ Toyota group automobile insurance discount system
□ MG Family | Insurance
□ Misawa Ohm own house discount
□ Qualification acquisition support system
□ Cosmetics discount
□ Condolence money system
□ Nursing clothes catalog gift
□ 24-hour health/ mental/ Child-care consultation service telephone counter
□ Secondary medical examination cost subsidy system after health examination

About Company

St. Staff is a company that has been providing nursing care work guidance for over 20 years.
All of the consultants are "experienced long-term care workers", so we can propose jobs by being close to you!

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