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【Sumida / Narita 】Security Guard Wanted!You Can Work from Once a Week

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【Sumida / Narita 】Security Guard Wanted!You Can Work from Once a Week

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You can work from 1 day a week upwards. Inexperienced and female staff are welcome.

Job Information

Job Type
Work Type
Sumida-ku, Tokyo / Narita, Chiba Pref.
11,000 ~ / day

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 1 day per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can make simple conversation
□ Japanese reading and writing level: N5
□ Can greet people cheerfully

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
Event security guard
- You will be in charge of guidance of pedestrians and vehicles at parking lots and construction sites.
- Currently, people of all ages, from 20s to 80s, are working regardless of nationality!
- Even when the work finishes earlier than the scheduled time, the daily salary will be provided.
- You will go directly between the site and home.

Daily wage: 11,000yen

Daily wage: 7,680yen

▼Working Days and Hours
8:00~17:00/8:30~17:30 (including 1 hour break)

You can choose holidays based on your lifestyle.

▼Company Location
Headquarters : 1-1, Oyama, Narita, Chiba/ 702 Mercury-Kinshicho, 1-10-5 Kinshi, Sumida, Tokyo

▼Work Location
Tokyo, Sumida
Chiba, Narita

Pay raise
Transportation fee fully covered
Uniform rental available
Permanent positions available

There are two days of classroom training and proper on site training.

*Sumida→ During training period 1,041yen/hour

*Narita→ During training period 953 yen/hour

Inexperienced workers are ok, since we have proper training.
We respond flexibly to staff who want to work every day, who want to work once a week, and who want to work specific days of the week.
People of all ages are working with us, from young people to the elderly.
You can go straight to the site. You will get paid full daily salary even when you finish work earlier than the scheduled time.

About Company

Assist Japan Co., Ltd.
Assist Japan Co., Ltd. operate according to the ALSOK standards as an ALSOK partner company.
With the opening of the new "Joto Sales Office", we are actively hiring people. Inexperienced staff are welcome! Uniforms are available!
Security guards can work in a way that fits their lifestyles.
We will teach you carefully from the beginning, so please feel free to apply. You can work with peace of mind until retirement age ♪