【Saitama, Iruma】 Weekends off! Tube manufacturing staff at factory

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【Saitama, Iruma】 Weekends off! Tube manufacturing staff at factory

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Overtime work is a must for those who want to earn money.

Job Information

Job Type
Manufacturing / Assembly・Processing・Inspection
Work Type
Iruma, Saitama Pref.
1,150 ~ / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak basic Japanese
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ Able to work at night
□ Those with visas with no work restrictions (Permanent Resident Visa, Spouse Visa for Japanese Nationals, Spouse Visa for Permanent Residents, Settled Resident Visa, etc.)
□ Contact Saitama office at 0480-31-9982

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
Work in a factory that makes tubes for industrial use.
This light work includes visual inspection, molding rubber products, mounting and dismounting them on machines, etc.

From 1,150 yen per hour

▼Contract Period
From 3 months
Long-term workers are welcome.

▼Working Days and Hours
Day shift: 8:15-17:15
Night shift: 20:15 - 05:15
*Two shifts are available, with one shift per week.

▼Overtime Details
Approx. 30 hours/month

Saturdays, Sundays, and other days according to the company calendar (with long vacations such as GW, Obon vacation, year-end and New Year vacations)

Yes (14 days) *In the case of leaving during the probationary period, the hourly wage is the minimum wage.

▼Company Location
1-10 Shinzanmachi, Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture

▼Work Location
Oaza Shinko, Iruma-shi, Saitama
30 minutes walk from Butsuko Station on Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Line

▼Available Insurance
Employment insurance, employee pension, health insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance

Cafeteria available, salary advance payment system (twice a month on 15th and 25th)

▼Smoking Information

There are many people from other countries in this workplace. It is an environment where it is easy to consult with them.

About Company

We are a dispatching company headquartered in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture. Approximately 300 dispatched employees work mainly in Yamagata Prefecture. We have been actively hiring foreign nationals since our establishment.