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Cab Driver in Tokyo, Mitaka City Wanted! Dormitory Available

Thumbs Up
We are the first company to hire non-Japanese drivers!
You can become a good senpai to new members who will join!

Job Information

Job Type
Transportation / Public Transport
Work Type
Mitaka, Tokyo
180,000 ~ 560,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak about politics and complex situations
□ Japanese reading and writing level: N2

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
We are looking for cab drivers working in Tokyo!
Customers ride cabs for various reasons, such as going to the hospital, zipping around work, or going out for fun.
As a "professional driver", your job is to take such customers to their destinations "safely and securely".
In addition to basic customer service in Japanese, you will also answer customers' questions and make small talk with them.
As a "professional", you also need to learn geography, which requires a very high level of skill.
But all the people in the company are very kind.
If you don't understand something, ask them, and they will kindly teach you or even listen to you complain!
Once you've learned the job well, you're next in line to teach!

*The company will pay for the necessary licenses for the job (with regulations).

(AB Wages)
Salary is based on commission, but the average is stable at around 300,000-400,000 yen.
●Approximate salary

Approximately 2,000 yen per job

25 jobs per day: 2,000 yen x 25 jobs = 50,000 yen
This is 50,000 yen per day.

12 times per month, 50,000 yen x 12 times = 600,000 yen
*This is based on earning 50,000 yen per day.

The salary is calculated by multiplying this by the commission rate.
In this case, it is approximately 300,000-350,000 yen.

▼Contract Period
No fixed term of contract

▼Working Days and Hours
This is a special type of work where you work two shifts during one 'workday'.
You work only 12 workdays a month.
Instead, each workday is 19 hours (including 3 hours of rest time = 16 hours of actual work).
Since this is two shifts in one workday, each day is 8 hours of actual work.

If you arrive at work at 7:00 a.m., you work until 2:00 a.m. the following night.
When you go home, you take the day off.
Get some rest, then come back to work at 7:00 AM the next day!

▼Overtime Details
Cab drivers are strictly limited by law in their working hours, so the company will not require you to work overtime.
If you wish to work longer hours, you may work up to 2 hours of overtime per shift (21 hours of work).

If you work one shift, you will have the next day off (i.e., the day after tomorrow).
In addition, you will have 6 days off per month.
There are many days off, and you can exchange your days off for other days if they are inconvenient, so you can work according to your convenience.

First, you must take training to pass the geography exam, which is difficult even for Japanese.
The pass rate for Japanese is about 30%, but everyone at Sakai Kotsu passes it in one go.
*There is no furigana on the exam.
*Once you pass the geography exam, you will be hired. After entering the company, 10,000 yen will be paid per day of training.

After passing the geography test, the next step is to obtain a driver's license (second-class license), which is required for cab drivers, through training at a training camp.
You must pass the academic test to obtain your Type 2 license.
Good luck in both the driving school and the written exam!
There is no furigana on the test.
The company will pay for the acquisition cost (approximately 250,000 yen).

After obtaining the license, you will take external training (about 2 weeks) and internal training (about 1 week) and finally make your debut!
*Training materials do not include furigana.

▼Company Location
2-36-1 Jindaiji, Mitaka City, Tokyo

▼Work Location
Postal Code 181-0016
2-36-1 Jindaiji, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo

10 minutes by bus from Musashi Sakai Station on the Chuo and Sobu Lines (Nishino bus stop, route 91/93)
Commuting by car or motorcycle is permitted.

▼Available Insurance
Social Insurance
Employees' Pension
Unemployment insurance

The company owns an apartment and rents it to employees at a discount.
Please contact us if you wish to rent an apartment.

▼Smoking Information
There is one smoking area at the rear of the property.

It is a cheerful place to work every day.
No one is overbearing.
Everyone works so well together and veteran drivers in their 60s and new drivers in their 20s joke around with each other every day.

Everyone looks forward to Christmas cake which the company gives everyone every year as a present.

About Company

Sakai Kotsu Co.,Ltd
Sakai Kotsu is a cab company headquartered in Mitaka City, Tokyo.
Belonging to one of the largest radio groups in Tokyo, Checker Cab, our safety know-how that has accumulated over many years, and our extensive driver training, have enabled us to transport our customers more safely and smoothly than ever before! We also offer fixed fare and hire car services.

Sakai Kotsu's Management Policy
Contribution to Society:
We contribute to society through our business activities as a public transportation company.
Safe Transportation:
We will fulfill our mission of respecting human beings, fostering sound minds and bodies, and entrusting human lives to our care.
Hope, Innovation, and Environment:
We will maintain an organization that is always hopeful and capable of creating and innovating in response to the times, and we aim for environmentally friendly management.