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Precision Die Cutter Manufacturing Engineer Wanted!

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International engineers work with us.
We will establish an overseas office in 2023.
Younger workers also receive higher salaries as they acquire more skills.

Job Information

Job Type
Manufacturing / Assembly・Processing・Inspection
Work Type
Ichinomiya, Aichi Pref.
200,000 ~ 300,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can make simple conversation
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ Permanent Resident", "Settled Resident", etc.

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
You will be manufacturing blade molds (blade bending, blade assembly, finishing, measuring, etc.)

Basic salary, housing allowance (up to 25,000 yen), commuting allowance (based on company rules), and skill allowance (not provided in the first year of employment)

Example: Female engineer employee in her third year with the company (annual income of over 4 million yen)

June: 1 month's bonus, October: 1.5 months' bonus

▼Contract Period
Fundamentally: 1-year automatic renewal

▼Working Days and Hours
7 hours 55 minutes work per day, daily break (65 minutes), annual holidays (102 days)

8:00-17:00 workday

▼Overtime Details
Up to 2 hours per day when the work is busy.

Year-end and New Year holidays (7 days), consecutive May holidays (5 days), consecutive August holidays (5 days)

Sunday, Saturday (once a month)

Trial period up to 3 months

▼Company Location
12 Minami-Obori, Higashi Itsushiro, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

▼Work Location
Main Factory:
 12 Minami-Obori, Higashi Goshiro, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi, Japan

▼Available Insurance
Social insurance, employees' pension, workers' compensation

Mutual aid retirement allowance, annual influenza vaccination, annual medical checkup

Free parking and free bicycle parking

▼Smoking Information
No smoking except in smoking areas

About Company

Nagoya Edge Mold Co., Ltd.
We have been striving to create "better products" and to be the "Only One Company".

In the field of automated punching lines, we have earned a very high reputation for the high precision and stability of our dies. We believe that this is the result of our constant efforts to improve our human technology.

Together with our customers, we will strive for further evolution as an indispensable company in the world by fusing human skills with the world's best machines, keeping in line with the changing times.