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【Tsu, Mie】Confectionery Factory -Ingredient Input for Snacks


【Tsu, Mie】Confectionery Factory -Ingredient Input for Snacks

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Many foreigners are working there.
We have two factories in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.
You can work at either one.

Job Information

Job Type
Manufacturing / Food Processing
Work Type
・Tsu, Mie Pref.
1,200 ~ 1,625 / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak basic Japanese
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can not read any Japanese
□ For those who have a visa with no work restrictions
□ Type of status of residence
□ Permanent Resident Visa
□ Spouse visa for Japanese nationals
□ Spouse visa for permanent resident
□ Long-term Resident Visa
□ Special Permanent Resident Visa
□ Those whose status of residence is more than 9 months (those scheduled to renew after August 2023)
□ Short-term staffing from November 1 to December 31
□ Must be able to understand what is spoken in Japanese (must be able to communicate)
□ Those who introduce their family and friends to us will receive a Starbucks card or QUO card.

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
It is a large factory that makes snack foods.

Material input
 Put ingredients for snacks into the machine.

 Inspect the sweets made by the machine.
 inspection work by eyes.

 Pack inspected snacks into bags or boxes.

This is light and easy work as the work involves looking at the sweets and packing them.

For regular work: 1200 yen per hour

Working hours per day: 8 hours

1200 yen per hour x 8 hours x 22 working days = approx. 210,000 yen per month

For Leader Staff [Short-term only]: 1,300 yen per hour
You must be able to introduce your friends and family and arrange to work with hot staff.
1300 yen per hour x 8 hours x 22 days of work = approx. 230,000 yen per month

Since overtime work is about 10-20 hours per month
If you add the overtime, you can expect a maximum monthly income of about 260,000 yen.

▼Contract Period
From the date of hire to December 31st without next renewal.
Short term of 2 months from November 1 to December 31.

However, if you would like to work for a longer period of time
You can also work on a contract renewal basis for one month, two months, etc.

▼Working Days and Hours
[Working days]
1 month: 22 days

[Working hours] 3 patterns are available.

(1) 04:40-13:40

(2) 08:00-17:00

(3) 08:50-17:50

All patterns are 8 hours per day.

[Break time]

(1) 08:30-09:30

(2) 12:00-13:00

(3) 12:00-13:00

Break time for all patterns is 60 minutes

▼Overtime Details
Overtime work is available.

From 1 hour per day

From 20 hours per month

Hourly rate for overtime work will be 1500 yen to 1625 yen.

This will be a 1 month shift with 2 days off per week.
You can take 2 days off in a week.

If you tell us that you want to take [0 days off], you can work as a vacation from the beginning.
You can work as a vacation from the beginning.

You can also fix your days off according to the day of the week.

▼Company Location
4 Chome-258 Ureshino Nakagawashinmachi, Matsusaka, Mie 〒515-2325

▼Work Location
There are two factories.

Morimachi, Tsu City (Hisai Plant)

Isshi-cho, Tsu City (Iseki Plant)

You can work at either location.

▼Available Insurance
unemployment insurance

Transportation expenses paid
You&me Bonus
 If you work with your friends (or family)
 15,000 yen to the person you introduce
 15,000 yen to your friend
 There is no limit to the number of people who can receive the bonus.
Uniforms and shoes are lent.

▼Smoking Information
Smoking areas set up outside

You can also visit with your friends and family.
If you work together, you will receive a 15,000 yen bonus for each other.
You can work at the factory closest to your home.

You can earn money for a short period of time (only 2 months).

About Company

HOT STAFF Matsusaka Co.,
Because it is close to the community. Find a suitable job. A generous follow-up even after work!
Of course, "Hot Staff Matsusaka" offers job introductions and consultations on working styles.
Even after work, we will give full support and back up firmly!
We will always be close to your heart and aim to be your best partner.

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