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Wanted! Automobile Parts Manufacturing Job in Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

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TOP > Wanted! Automobile Parts Manufacturing Job in Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Wanted! Automobile Parts Manufacturing Job in Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Thumbs Up
300,000 yen in consolation money is paid at the expiration of the contract.

You can start work immediately.

Overtime premium of 30% and leave of absence premium of 35%.

Job Information

Job Type
Manufacturing / Welding・Machining・Metal Painting
Work Type
・Omitama, Ibaraki Pref.
1,450 ~ 1,500 / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak basic Japanese
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ ■People who have "Permanent Resident" or "Long-Term Resident" status
□ ■People who are looking for a stable environment
□ ■People who want to steadily work for a long time
□ ■People who are good at working hard
□ ■People who have hobbies they are passionate about

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
◆Press work
Press work is performed to manufacture parts.
Depending on the parts to be manufactured, you will be processing iron plates weighing from 3kg to 20kg.
The degree of difficulty is not high, as all you have to do is set the material on the press and press the switch.

Pressed parts are set on the machine where you will perform welding work.
Welding robots perform this work as well, so no difficult skills are required.

(Pressing and welding)
1,500 yen/hour (basic hourly wage: 1,350 yen + additional 50 yen for pressing and welding + extra 100 yen for recruiting during peak season)

Overtime premium 30
35% overtime premium
Late-night work: 30%.

Extra allowances:
Pressing and welding allowance 245 yen/day (123 yen/day for the first 6 months after joining the company)
2nd shift allowance 1,181 yen (paid only for the night shift)
Family allowance available
Transportation (gasoline) allowance (paid according to company regulations depending on distance)

Bonus of 300,000 yen every 6 months (if attendance rate and other company regulations are met)

Estimated salary:
(For press work, 21 days, 30 hours overtime, 1 day off, 10 night shifts, for a single employee)
Monthly income 1,500 yen x 8h x 21 days = 252,000 yen + premium 118,785 yen = 370,785 yen
Annual income (assuming 6 months without overtime and 6 months of 30h overtime) 4,330,000 yen (including benefits)

▼Contract Period
6-month contract, renewable (based on performance)

▼Working Days and Hours
Working days are based on the company calendar.
(Generally, Saturdays and Sundays are off, and national holidays are working days.)
There is also a one-week-long vacation during the year-end and New Year holidays, GW, and the summer season.
As a rule, you will work two shifts, day and night. (Please consult us if you cannot work two shifts for any reason.)

 8:00 Work starts
 9:50 Break (10 minutes)
12:00 Lunch break (45 minutes)
14:50 Break (10 minutes)
17:05 End of work
(Night shift starts at 20:00 and ends at 5:05)

▼Overtime Details
Up to 4 hours per day (usually 1-2 hours)
There will be some work during holidays

Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays (national holidays are work days)
Year-end and New Year vacations, GW, and summer vacations are about one week long

The first 6 months of employment (first contract only) will be treated as a probationary period, so there will be changes in each allowance.
(For details, please refer to the "Salary Details" section.)

▼Work Location
1556-2 Yosawa, Komitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan FORUM Co.

▼Available Insurance
Workers' compensation, health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance, etc. available

Cafeteria (360 yen for lunch, open only during the day), lockers, free parking

▼Smoking Information
Smoking areas are separated. (Each workplace has its own smoking area.)

About Company

FORM Co., Ltd.
FORM Co., Ltd. is a company that provides automotive parts as a solution to the market by combining the latest technology and production lines under the company policy of "creating a workplace where each and every employee can look back at the origin of manufacturing and feel fulfilled in their work".