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Online English Teacher

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Online English Teacher

Job Information

Job Type
Work Type
940 / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
Business Level
16 years old and above
Love to teach children
Can speak more than conversational level of Japanese and English
Can operate simple PC task
※Welcome those who have more than one year of oversea experience.
※Please make sure that you have a valid visa if you have been staying oversea for more than one year.

Job Description

・Our service is to teach children English communication via online system.
・Since it is online lesson, you can teach at wherever you want as long as you have a PC and fast internet environment.
・We also offer short period session ,so you can use your free time to teach.
・Working time
- Ant time period (30mins) you like within weekdays 15:00~21:00(JST)
※Teachers who can work after 6pm is more likely to get a session.
・What you need
- Skype account (for interview)
- PC (with web camera and Google Chrome installed)
- fast internet environment (recommend wired LAN (ethernet))

About Company

HugCome Inc. Grobal Crown
We are HugCome Inc. and running the online English teaching service 「GLOBAL CROWN」for kids. With our app and service, you can take English lesson at home anytime you want! We aim for kids aged 3~12 and there are more than 200 students now! The teachers are all bilingual and can speak both Japanese and English fluently. They fully support kids learning and help them make the most of it! Also, we put a high preprint on teacher’s communication skill to make lessons more fun and interactive for kids.

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