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Full-time Native English Teacher for Kids

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Full-time Native English Teacher for Kids

Job Information

Job Type
Language・Education / English Teacher
Work Type
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
10,000 ~ / day

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
・Your first language is preferred to be English but not a must
・Like kids, like playing with kids and can take care of them
・Can understand kids’ feelings and communicate with them
・Like singing and dancing
・Have experience in childcare
・Can work on Monday~Friday (9:00~17:30) & some times on Sundays for events
・Those who can work for at least 1 year are preferred
・Can work in team

Job Description

Let’s work together to help kids grow!
Diaper changing • Meal Assistance• Taking a walk • Playing with kids with a wide range of age. Let's watch kids growing together.
Since we open 24 hours, we are also recruiting those who can work on weekends and late night, as well as those who have a nursing qualification.
We offer visa sponsorship and social insurance subscription.
Both Japanese and English native speakers in their 20s are working actively in our company!
We are trying our best to work together to create a better nursery school for everyone! We want to do childcare in such a way! We are waiting for your ideas!

About Company

Nursery Ui aims to create an environment where every kid could enjoy English through “playing” in “nature”, instead of by “learning” or “studying.”
We focus on cooperating with personality-rich English native staff and Japanese nursery teachers who have rich international experience, and incorporate a curriculum that makes a full use of the staff's daily hobbies such as dance, yoga and music. As a result, kids in our school will develop a rich human nature through experiencing collective life and acquiring a regular lifestyle while improving their English/Japanese.
Except for the English/Japanese education, we also hold events that incorporate culture from different countries to cultivate a sense of freedom and international horizon.