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Sales in Chain Stores of Brand Products【Kyoto】

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Sales in Chain Stores of Brand Products【Kyoto】

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

- Applicants who can speak Chinese (native preferred)
- English speakers are welcomed
- No requirement on education background
- No experiences needed

Job Description

We are now looking for staffs for selling brand products and dealing with customer services. We provide our customers with not only second hand but also brand new products from both local and overseas brands, including bags, watches, jewelries, jackets, coats and scarfs. Women in their 30-40s are our target customers. Apart from selling a single product, we especially perform well at recommendation of full set costume. Advises from managers or experienced staffs are provided which can upgrade your service skills. What is more, incentives will be provided for branches which fulfilled targets set separately for different branches, which means that team works of staffs will be honored by bonuses. Several career paths are prepared for those who yearn for a chance to work overseas or being promoted to be managers, or even new opportunities with new positions in the company.

About Company

Brand Off (株式会社ブランドオフ)

Distribution business, web mail order business, auction and web media business of overseas’ brand products including bags, watched, jewelry, noble metals and clothing.

■ Distribution Business

A chain business named ‘BRAND OFF TOKYO’ have branches throughout Japan. The main store ‘Ginza Honten’ (main store) is located at the prime location, the junction of Ginza 4 Chome, symbolizing the philosophy of Brandoff. We are having overseas branches in places including Hong Kong and Taiwan, taking roots by promoting the concept of recycling of brand products as well as spreading Japan’s values.

■ EC selling Business

Customers can buy products not only in our branches, but also through our online shops. We started providing online services by our official site at first, and then established online shops in websites such as Rakuten and eBay to continue developing our online stores. Moreover, home delivery purchases are available if you send us an enquiry online. It is a convenient service for both people who would like to buy and sell.

■ Auction Business

We are running the largest auction business in the industry, holding buy and sell of thousands of products from both the local and overseas market. We are aiming at being the champion of the auction business industry and at the same time having a greater result on activation of the reuse industry in the future.

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