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Share your experience in Japan! Blog writer wanted

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Share your experience in Japan! Blog writer wanted

Job Information

Job Type
IT・Creative / Editor・Writer・Photogrpher
Work Type
・Remote, Remote
3,000 ~ / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
・ Must currently reside in Japan with valid visa, and plan on staying for 6+ months
・ Must be able to write proffesional level English with correct grammer and spelling
・ Must be able to communicate in spoken English with the manager
・ Must be responsible and meet deadlines
・ Persons who are able to show their identity (photo, nickname and SNS accounts) on the website as the author

Job Description

We are looking non-Japanese bloggers/writers to share their experience and thoughs about Japan.
- You will be paid ¥3,000 and up for 1 article
- You can write about whatever you'd like (approval needed)
- Write as many, or as little as you would like per month
- Work where ever you'd like, all communication will be done online
- Only requirements are ones stated above
- Good performing authors will be offered video and sponsored content for higher fees

About Company

BENLY Co., Ltd.
"Making the market more global and more BENLY."
BENLY is a leading company that sets the standard for global EC.