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【Jobs in Nagoya】Part time Store Sales and Car Maintenance Staff needed in Toyota-shi,Aichi!

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TOP > 【Jobs in Nagoya】Part time Store Sales and Car Maintenance Staff needed in Toyota-shi,Aichi!

【Jobs in Nagoya】Part time Store Sales and Car Maintenance Staff needed in Toyota-shi,Aichi!

Job Information

Job Type
Retail・Customer Service / Merchandiser
Work Type
Part time
・Toyota, Aichi Pref.
900 ~ / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
Store Sales:

Conversational Japanese required
Ability to explain products and packages in Japanese. Ability to understand and explain the car compatibility list written for general customers

Car Maintenance Staff:

Driving License (can be used in japan)
Conversational level Japanese, able to understand instructions such as:
→Please lead the way while I try to take the car out of the workshop
→Please bring the oil for the next work
→Please throw away the waste tires.
Able to read and write Hiragana
Simple work at automobile repair shop.

Job Description

Jobs in Nagoya
Work Location:
Aichiken, Toyota-shi, Motomiyachou 6-6

Working Time:
3days~/week、minimum of 4 hours between 9:30~20:00. Working hours negotiable.

Job Content:
Store Sales:

Store Sales,reception of car maintanance,
cashier etc.

Car Maintenance:

Assistant work of car maintenance in the working booth.
When you get used to work, we will assign you other work such as oil exchange, tire exchange, battery exchange etc.

Other Information:
You will need to enter social insurance if you work more than 30 hours per week.

You can come to work by car, but you need to fullfil certain automobile insurance conditions (such as personal injury, property damage)

Employee discount is available.

As we need to face a lot of customers, our dress code is a little bit strict.
Tattoos are forbidden, beards are prohibited, number of accessories wearable (earrings, neckless,rings) are regulated
The color used for socks and t-shirts under the uniform are specified (white and plain color) shirts and jacket will be lent to you, but please prepare other items (trousers, socks and shoes) by yourself. Overalls will be lend to car maintanance staff.

Application Procedure:
The company will contact the applicants by phone or e-mai, and inform the store about the applicants

Interview will be hold in the store.

About Company

Yellow Hat is a nationwide company, known by its Signboard featuring a Yellow Hat.

We mainlly sell tires, and car wash supplies.

We also provide auto services such as tire exchange work.

Although it depends on the scale of the store, there are 10 staff in each store. The gender ratio is 8:2