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Model Wanted for Japan Travel Videos!

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Model Wanted for Japan Travel Videos!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
Ibaraki All Areas / Tochigi All Areas / Gunma All Areas / Saitama All Areas / Chiba All Areas / Tokyo All Areas / Kanagawa All Areas
JPY 15,000 /Day

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

・Must reside in the Kanto area with a valid visa and plan on staying for 6+ months
・Has professional or similar experience as photo/video model, and is comfortable with performing various actions and activities in front of the camera
・Age: 20s-30s
・Able to eat/drink various menu items sometimes including alcohol
・Able to attend full-day shoots on weekdays
・Native English, and can communicate in Japanese
・Must provide an online portfolio or SNS account with many photos/videos of her/himself to apply
・Must be freelance
・Must be responsible and be on time every time
・Must have a personal Japanese bank account in his/her name to receive payment

Job Description

・This is our Instagram account, the job will be video-modelling for these 1 minute Instagram and Facebook videos about activities and spots in Japan. Please check current videos for content reference.

・We have around 10,000 followers and have 10k+ views on many videos. If you have an Instagram account, we can credit you in each video.

・Please make sure you provide a link to your online portfolio or SNS account in your resume before applying.

・Please make sure you pass all above requirements before applying.

*Note 1: Fee includes train fare to and from the location. All expenses required during the shoot will be paid for by the client.

*Note 2: Modelling fees will be paid by invoice (Japanese seikyu-sho) style. Invoice will be accepted and filed once a month, on the last business day and due fees will be paid via bank transfer by the last business day of the following month.

About Company

BENLY Co., Ltd.

Wanderlist Japan, operated by BENLY Co., Ltd, focuses on sharing 1-minute Instagram and Facebook videos about activities and spots in Japan to the world.

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