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☆Operation Staff in Amusement Park Is Needed☆

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☆Operation Staff in Amusement Park Is Needed☆

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
JPY 1000/h ~

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

・You must currently be a resident in Japan
・Over 18 years old
・Those who can preferably work over 6months
・Those who can work on the weekends
・Those who can work and communicate in Japanese
・Those who can work with a smile and make the customer smile:)

Job Description

[Job contents]
You will be in charge of customer services with the operation of attractions such as the Ferris wheel and park trains.
・Assisting customers to ride and get off from attractions
You do not have to have any experiences because your activities are not very difficult and we are going to kindly teach you in detail about the Job operation.

Those who can work and secure customer's safety with your responsibility is very welcomed!!
Let's work together to enjoy ourselves and support customer's happiness and safety!!

[Shift Example]
9:30-21:00(During this period, there are two types of shifts)

・Transportation fee
・Uniform distribution
・Your wage will increase by your skills and performance.



About Company

Senyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Kasai Rinkai Park

”Senyokogyo" is a company that manages development, sales, and operation of attraction in the amusument park for 60 years. In particular, the ferris wheel department has one of the largest shares in Japan. We also have experience in the development of the ferris wheel in China and Taiwan.

The Ferris wheel in Kasai Rinkai Park "Diamond and Flower Big Ferris Wheel" is one of the largest in Japan. The height is 117 meters and enables you to look down and see amazing views of Tokyo and around the area. When it is sunny, you can see Mt. Fuji. Moreover, we operate park trains to look around our park.


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