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Rails Engineers Wanted!! Join the Guidable Team to help make our products better with your skills!!

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Rails Engineers Wanted!! Join the Guidable Team to help make our products better with your skills!!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
Wage is based on your abilities and experiences

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

We are looking for:
・ 2+ years experience with Ruby on Rails
・Has basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, javascript
・Can speak conversational Japanese
・Can provide detailed CSV (work experiences)
・Interested in our company, Guidable Jobs
・Is a continuous learner and loves taking on new challenges.

Job Description

Currently, we are looking for an engineer who can contribute to the development of our services, such as “Guidable Jobs” and “Guidable Crew”, that enables to connect Japanese companies and Japanese residents to people from other countries and try to help to create a good match between them. In order to provide a good and useful platform, we need to create services that deal with even differences in languages and cultures. We would like someone who can bring technical skills through new ideas and visions, who can work with enthusiastic engineers and can develop our services by thinking from both perspectives of the Japanese company and the registrant's sides.

[Job Contents]
You will be expected to do be able to complete all the processes of software implementation such as designing, developing, and testing new functions as function developments. In regards to fixing bugs on our services, we would like you to find the problems and propose appropriate solutions and then to improve them.

【Technologies We Use 】
Our service is operated with basic web application technology such as HTML, CSS (Sass) based on Ruby on Rails
Front-end:HTML5, Sass, JavaScript, Vue Js
Back-end: Ruby on Rails5.2, Postgres, Redis
Infrastructure: Heroku/Docker, AWS
Collaboration: Slack, GitHub

About Company

Guidable Development

Our Mission is “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.
We provide the gateway platforms “GuidableJapan” “Guidable Jobs” and “Guidable Crew” closely related to the life in Japan.

“GuidableJapan” is a website related to ‘how-to in Japan’ that are written by multinational writers who live in Japan. Categories of those ‘how-to’s’ include “MOVE TO JAPAN”, “SHOPPING / SERVICE”, “WORK” “EDUCATION”, “HEALTH” “ENTERTAINMENT”, and “CULTURE”. 

“Guidable Jobs” is a platform that provides supports to foreigners who are living in Japan and would like to make a living in this country.
We started our company since 2015 and aiming to create a world in which more and more multinational people can communicate online by multinational languages in Japan.

“Guidable Crew” is an online recruitment service for Freelance Jobs, which connects international residents of Japan who are searching for short-term jobs with companies that are looking to hire foreign individuals with distinctive skills.

Why work for your company?
An opportunity to work with a young startup and have exposure to everything that it takes to launch a startup from software development to sales and marketing. You will work closely with company leadership to document process maps, business requirements, data structure, and implementation challenges.

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