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Growing Opportunities in Japan's Caregiver Industry
Nov 13, 2023
4 min read
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Are you considering a career change in Japan, but tired of teaching English? How about exploring the caregiver industry?

In this blog post, we will discuss the state of Japan's caregiver industry today, introduce the many job openings, offer tips for finding and applying for caregiver positions, and provide advice for success in this rewarding field.

Why Caregiving in Japan Matters

With Japan's aging population, the demand for caregivers has never been higher. This has created many job opportunities for foreign residents looking for stable employment. The Japanese government has started many initiatives to support this industry, offering financial incentives and training programs to make sure caregivers are ready for their roles.

Working as a caregiver in Japan offers career growth and stability. The constant demand for skilled caregivers means that there are many opportunities for personal development and advancement within the industry. Plus, by providing care to those in need, caregivers can make a meaningful impact to the welfare of the society.

Current State of the Industry

Demand for foreign workers in the Japanese caregiver industry is growing, especially due to the increasing number of chronic diseases among the elderly population. With the government actively recruiting foreign workers, and key players getting involved, now is the perfect time for people seeking employment in this field.

Government Support and Initiatives

The Japanese government has introduced various support measures, including:

  1. New Visa Category for Skilled Workers: The “Specified Skill Worker” visa was implemented in 2019, which is meant to increase foreign workers in Japan to relieve labor shortages.
  2. Financial Incentives and Subisides: Caregiving companies are often offered financial incentives and subsidies to help encourage their growth and improve quality of care.
  3. Partnerships with Educational Institutions: Programs partnered with training institutions to train more caregivers; for example the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).

All of these measures have made it easier for foreign residents to enter the caregiving industry.

Key Players in the Industry

Leading Japanese caregiving companies such as Mound Bird and Fukuseikai offer many benefits such as competitive salaries, training programs, and support for caregivers dealing with chronic diseases. Foreign recruitment portals like Guidable are important agencies that connect suitable candidates with employers, making sure that compensation and employment opportunities are fair.

Requirements for Foreign Caregivers

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.

  • Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

  • Language: Many places require N2, but there are a wide range of openings that start from N4.

  • Physical Fitness: Candidates must meet certain physical requirements, such as being able to lift heavy objects and engage in physically demanding tasks.

Benefits and Compensation

Foreign caregivers that are skilled and dedicated can receive competitive salary packages. Some employers can also offer accommodation options, making it a rewarding and comfortable job.

Furthermore, as the industry wants highly skilled workers who can meet the needs of patients, employers or organizations can offer training programs, workshops, and certifications. This can give foreigners the chance to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

How to Find and Apply for Caregiver Jobs

Online job platforms such as Guidable and WeXpats are great resources for finding caregiver positions in Japan according to your preferences.

Networking and joining local communities can also lead to job opportunities. We recommend that you attend events, seminars or workshops, especially ones hosted by places like Daijob. It may also be helpful to join online forums or social media groups dedicated to caregivers or expats living in Japan.

Tips to Succeed in the Caregiver Industry

Building positive relationships with clients and colleagues by being respectful and patient. Try to improve effective communication to address the needs of clients, and work better with your co-workers.

Don't forget to continue to educate yourself. Be up-to-date with technology, rules, and practices through training and certifications. Attend conferences or join associations related to your work to show your dedication and better the quality of your service.


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