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Learn About 5 Effective Steps to Take When Looking for a Job in Japan
Oct 03, 2023
7 min read
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Finding a job in Japan is an interesting prospect for many people. In this article, we will introduce five effective steps for internationals looking for work in Japan. Start by utilizing job sites or contacting professional agents. We also focus on networking and preparing your resume and CV.

Finally, we will also show you how to prepare for an interview. Using these techniques, you will find your ideal job in a foreign country!

Step 1: Use Job Sites

Using job sites expands your job opportunities. There are many different types of job sites in Japan, and you will find a wide variety of positions that match your skills and interests. Creating an account on a job site is a great way to efficiently receive job information. Don't forget to prepare your resume and profile!

Use a Variety of Job Sites

To master the various job sites, it is necessary to understand their features and benefits. Review the types of jobs, their characteristics, and how to apply for them. It is also important to choose a site that matches your needs (the industry you want to work in, approximate expected annual salary, etc.) in order to effectively use the job site.

Create an Account

Creating an account may seem like a hassle, but it is critical to your job search. By creating an account, you can take advantage of useful features such as email notifications and resume storage. It also allows you to reply faster when companies contact you directly.

Step 2: Contact a Specialized Agent

By contacting a specialized agent, you can obtain information about jobs in a variety of occupations and locations. Be proactive in communicating with them to find a job that meets your requirements. The meeting with the agent is important because it allows you to introduce yourself and detail your career goals. It also allows you to discuss your mutual hopes and requirements and match you with a position that is ideal for you. If the agent feels that you are a competent person, they may introduce you to positions that are not open to the public.

Advantages of Specialized Agents

Easy Access to Job Information

Specialized agents provide a wealth of job information, making it easy to access the information you need to find a job.

Dedicated Support From a Professional and Experienced Staff

Specialized agents have in-depth knowledge and experience in your profession and industry to help you in your job search.

High Matching Accuracy

Specialized agents are able to precisely match the individual's abilities and desired conditions with the company's needs.

Importance of Meeting With an Agent

During the interview with an agent, you can explain your skills, experience, and future goals in detail. This will increase the likelihood that the agent will suggest the best job opportunities for you. Counselling will also increase the likelihood that you will be offered an appropriate job.

During the interview, you can also get accurate advice and information from the agent. They are familiar with the labour market in Japan and can give you a broad knowledge of the job market and industry trends.

Access to exclusive, non-open positions. Specialized agents generally also have "access to non-open positions". These are positions that are not advertised directly by companies and are difficult to find under certain conditions. By meeting with an agent, you may encounter these valuable opportunities.

Step 3: Take Advantage of Networking

Expand your network by attending events and seminars. Attending industry-related events and professional seminars will give you the opportunity to make new connections.

Be active in social networking sites and communities; it is important to showcase your skills and experience by exchanging information on professional online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Attend Events and Seminars

Attending events and seminars is a very effective way to find a job in Japan. At these places, you will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts and other job seekers.

You can also learn about the latest trends and job openings. It is important to actively participate, introduce yourself, and build relationships. If you know the industry you want to enter, join groups or forums that specialize in that industry or region. There, you can get useful advice from other members and experts.

Participate in Online Communities

Joining an online community is an effective way to find work in Japan. You can showcase your skills and experience online and get job postings and contacts. You can also find new job opportunities by interacting with other members who share your goals.

What Job Sites Do Foreign Residents Use to Find a New Job in Japan?

Guidable jobs

Guidable Jobs has over 160,000 registered users (as of September 2023) and is well known as a platform dedicated to recruiting foreign nationals in Japan.

It handles a large number of jobs in any format, including full-time, part-time, and temporary positions.


NINJA has been helping foreign nationals find jobs in Japan for over 10 years and is well known in the Japanese market for recruiting foreigners.


This site targets bilinguals who are looking for a job in a foreign or global company. It is especially suitable for those with high language skills.

GaijinPot Jobs

GaijinPot Jobs offers support for hiring foreigners and provides tourist information. You can search by location, language level, etc., and you may even be scouted directly. A wide range of industries are always looking for people who can adapt to their organizations.

Step 4: Prepare Your Resume and CV

How to Prepare a Japanese-Style Resume

  1. Clearly state the required information. Provide accurate and detailed information such as name, address, and contact information.
  2. List your education and work experience in reverse chronological order. It is important to indicate important points and accomplishments in detail.

Important Points for Work Experience

Provide detailed job descriptions. It is important to be specific and show what projects you were involved in and what results you achieved. Focus on your experience and skills, highlighting the abilities and expertise you have acquired in past positions. The more numbers you have that are concrete results, the better.

Step 5: Prepare for the Interview


Practice Your Self-Promotion

Practice your self-presentation in preparation for the interview. Think about how to accurately convey your strengths and experiences. Also, be careful with your language and attitude. Before the interview, research the company thoroughly and confirm detailed information about the company's vision, culture, and accomplishments to make a good impression on the interviewer.

Also, choose appealing points according to their needs and make sure you can communicate effectively. Company research is also important. By researching the company's philosophy, culture, and latest trends, you can systematize your motivation and questions. This will impress the interviewer and allow for the appropriate exchange of information.

Conduct Thorough Company Research

As mentioned above, company research is extremely important in finding a job. In addition to job information, research the company's culture, values, and management policies.

It is also a good idea to check the company's most recent projects and accomplishments. By asking pertinent questions during the interview about the company's current focus, you will be able to attract their interest.

Internet searches are not the only effective means of "doing thorough company research". It is also recommended to read specialized books, industry magazines, and gather information from employees. Interviewing people who work in the same type of job and networking activities is really beneficial as well. Data from a wide range of sources will enhance the amount of knowledge and insight you have.

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