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Requirements for Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Students
Dec 13, 2023
4 min read
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If you're an international student looking for part-time job opportunities in Japan, it's essential to understand the restrictions and requirements that come with it. This article will provide valuable information on the regulations and guidelines governing part-time employment for students in Japan.

Work Hour Restrictions for Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Students

To maintain a healthy work-life balance and prioritize their studies, students are typically limited to working 28 hours per week during regular school terms. Every year, Japan sees a large number of international students forced to leave due to poor attendance from engaging in part-time work and neglecting their studies.

Visa Restrictions for Part-Time Jobs

While international students in Japan are granted a student visa, it's important to note that** it doesn't automatically allow them to work part-time**. To engage in part-time employment, students must obtain a separate document known as "permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted." This application can be made at the local immigration office with the submission of required documents, including a letter of permission from the educational institution and proof of financial stability.

Applying for a Work Permit as a Student

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In addition to the appropriate visa, students need to apply for a work permit. The work permit is issued by the local labor office and is mandatory for all non-Japanese individuals working in the country. To obtain a work permit, students must submit specific documents, including their passport, and residence card. It's crucial to note that the work permit is employer-specific, so students must obtain a new work permit if they change jobs. After submission of the application, authorities may ask for additional materials during the examination process.

Tax Obligations for Part-Time Workers

Like any other workers in Japan, students working part-time are subject to tax obligations. Income earned from part-time jobs is taxable, and students must file an annual tax return if their total income exceeds a certain threshold. To ensure compliance and avoid penalties or legal issues, students need to keep track of their earnings and fulfill their tax obligations.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Students

Finding a part-time job in Japan as a student can be a rewarding experience that not only helps you earn extra income but also allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Here are some tips to help you in your job search:

Research Online Job Boards: Start your search by looking at online job boards that specifically cater to students and foreigners in Japan. Websites like:

  • Guidable - The place for job seekers in Japan
  • GaijinPot - Find jobs, study Japanese, or look for a home
  • Jobs in Japan - Get a (better job) in Japan now

Visit University Career Centers: Many universities in Japan have career centers that provide job support services to students. They often have job boards, organize job fairs, and offer guidance on how to create a resume specific to Japan and prepare for interviews. Make use of these resources to increase your chances of finding a suitable part-time job.

Network with Fellow Students: Reach out to your classmates or seniors who are already working part-time jobs. They may have valuable insights, job leads, or recommendations. Networking with other students can be a great way to tap into the hidden job market and learn about opportunities that may not be widely advertised.

Approach Local Businesses: Take the initiative to walk around your neighborhood or areas near your university and visit local businesses personally. They often have hiring signs in front of their shops and applying directly can leave a strong impression on potential employers.

Consider English Teaching Jobs: If you are a native English speaker or fluent in English, consider exploring English teaching opportunities. Many language schools and eikaiwas (English conversation schools) hire part-time teachers, and these jobs can provide a steady income while allowing you to interact with Japanese students.

Remember to tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your skills and experiences relevant to the job you are applying for. Be prepared for the possibility of interviews conducted in Japanese, so it's essential to practice your language skills beforehand.

Working part-time in Japan as an international student offers various benefits, such as earning income and immersing oneself in the local culture. However, it's crucial to understand and comply with the restrictions and requirements that come with it. By being aware of limitations on working hours, visa and work permit applications, and tax obligations, students can make the most of their part-time job opportunities in Japan while maintaining their academic success.


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