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Tips and Tricks for Learning Japanese: Successfully Searching for a Job
Oct 27, 2023
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Are you a foreign resident working in Japan, wanting to find a higher-paying job? Or are you still abroad but would like to work in Japan in the future?

Improving your Japanese language skills is important if you want to advance your career in Japan.

In this article, we will discuss why learning Japanese is important in your job search and some tips on how to effectively learn Japanese in your daily life and through school and online learning.

Reasons Why Learning Japanese is Important in Job Search

If you are looking to advance your career in Japan, the higher your Japanese language skills, the better your employment conditions will be.

Here are three reasons why.

To Communicate Smoothly in Japanese

In the Japanese business world, clear and natural pronunciation is the key to gaining credibility. It is also important to be able to use proper keigo (honorific expressions) when making phone calls or sending e-mails.

Furthermore, in interviews and presentations, one must be careful in choosing phrases and expressions.

In order to communicate in a way that does not make the other party uncomfortable, you need to have the vocabulary to be able to give specific explanations.

To Prepare Application Documents in Japanese

In order to make your resume and CV accurate and attractive, it is important to describe your skills and experience along with specific examples. Depending on the industry you are applying for, there may be terminology that is unique to the industry. Be sure to understand industry and technical terms and consider the possibility that you may use them.

To Understand the Culture of Japanese Companies

It is also important to know about the unique Japanese culture of seniority and management philosophy. In Japan, there are various types of honorifics such as honorific, humble, and polite, and it is necessary to use appropriate honorifics depending on the position of superiors, subordinates, and each other.

In addition, management philosophies include "customer first" and "quality improvement". Understanding and respecting these cultures and values will give you an advantage during interviews.

Tips for learning Japanese

Here are some tips for learning Japanese. To succeed in your job search, make sure to keep these points in mind and learn Japanese efficiently.

Learning Japanese in daily life

There are various approaches to incorporating Japanese language study into your daily life. If you view even ordinary, casual situations as opportunities for learning, you will be able to improve your Japanese language skills smoothly.

Utilizing TV and Radio

Utilizing TV and radio programs is also effective. In addition to reading katakana and hiragana, you can learn Japanese from the ear by listening to audio.

Watching News Programs

News programs are easy for internationals to understand because they are spoken relatively slowly and have a clear accent. A better understanding of Japanese society, politics, and culture can also help in conversation and communication with Japanese people.

Watching Dramas and Variety Shows

Drama and variety shows are some of the most enjoyable TV programs to watch and learn Japanese. They help students understand the context of the language through stories and situations.

Utilizing Smartphone Apps

Hobbies and pastimes such as watching movies, listening to music, and watching sports can help you learn new vocabulary in a sensory way. Watching movies with Japanese subtitles can improve your reading skills as well as your listening skills. Reading your favorite manga or novel in Japanese will not only develop your reading comprehension and grammatical understanding, but also your ability to express yourself.

It is also beneficial to read and practice cooking procedures while trying Japanese recipes.

Utilizing Smartphone Apps

When learning Japanese while going about your daily life, we recommend using apps.

This makes it easier to continue learning Japanese, as you can study while traveling, while waiting, or in other skimmable time slots.

There are many applications that allow you to learn Japanese in a fun, game-like way, such as in a quiz format or in a vocabulary book.

Utilizing SNS and Blogs

Be proactive in following Japanese blogs and SNS. By looking at sentences and expressions of native Japanese speakers, you will learn natural Japanese expressions.

Interacting with Japanese friends

To improve your important communication skills, create opportunities to interact successfully with your Japanese friends.

By participating in events and clubs, you can improve your communication skills while making new friends. You can also learn to use the language while cooperating in common hobbies or sports.

Japanese Language School or Online Learning

Japanese language schools and online learning have the advantage of direct communication with native teachers. By actively asking questions and receiving feedback, you can improve your own skills.

Attending a Japanese Language School

Taking courses at a Japanese language school is an efficient way to improve your grammar and conversation skills. The benefits are greater for the money spent, but there are some things to consider when taking a course.

  • Choose a class that fits your level and goals.
  • Proactively ask questions and resolve any doubts or areas of weakness.
  • Make sure you consolidate what you have learned through regular homework and review

By attending a Japanese language school with these points in mind, you will be able to learn more effectively and efficiently.

Learning Japanese Online

One way to learn Japanese online is to use a Japanese language learning platform. Since it is online, you can take Japanese lessons from the comfort of your own home, a café, or anywhere else you like.

There are platforms that support not only Japanese language study but also employment.

Reference: ISI Japanese Language School Online Japanese Language Program

Reference: Human Academy Online Japanese Language School


Using Japanese Language Materials and Reference Books

Using Japanese language materials and reference books is another effective way to learn. For example, it is important to solidify your foundation with grammar books and vocabulary books. Also, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines are effective for improving reading comprehension.

Business-related materials are also helpful. For example, you can find a wide variety of business materials for foreigners in bookstores, such as texts on business manners, how to write emails, and how to find a job.

We recommend that you actively subscribe to them in order to learn the points that will give you an advantage in your job search.


There are many advantages to improving one's Japanese language skills for foreigners seeking to advance their careers in Japan.

In job hunting as well, Japanese language skills that set you apart from others can be a powerful advantage.

Please be aware of the points introduced in this article and proceed with your Japanese language study in an efficient and effective manner.

We wish you success in your job-hunting activities in Japan!


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