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Why a Japanese Food Restaurant Job is the Best Way to Learn Japanese Culture
Feb 14, 2024
6 min read
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Do you like Japanese food? Sushi, ramen, donburi and tempura - are all loved all over the world. Eating them in a Japanese restaurant is a great way to learn about Japanese culture. If you choose the right place, they are inexpensive and always delicious.

If you like cooking, how about working in a Japanese restaurant? There are many unique and fun jobs available. Japanese restaurants are the best place to learn about Japanese culture!

Why a Japanese Food Restaurant Job Can Teach You About Japanese Culture

Working in a Japanese restaurant is a great way to learn about Japanese culture, especially food culture and work culture. You will learn how to make Japanese food, how to cook it, and the different ingredients used.

For example, how to make ramen, the secret seasoning for karaage, how to make soba (buckwheat noodles), and so on. It's a great opportunity to learn a skill that you can use in your daily life once you have learned it. Learn all the secrets of delicious Japanese food and make your family and friends happy.

Hierarchy and Relationships

Working in a Japanese restaurant, you can learn about Japanese relationships. It's part of the work culture. When I start a job, I usually start from the lowest position. I learn a lot of my daily work from my senpai.

Working in a restaurant, you get to know the relationship between seniors and juniors. You will also learn how to work as a team because there are many different jobs and levels in a restaurant (waiter, cook, etc.).

Attention to Detail

In the kitchen, attention to detail is very important and is highly valued in Japan. Any variation in preparation, serving style, seasoning, etc. can make customers uncomfortable and must be avoided at all costs.

This kind of training in accuracy is a very valuable experience. Even if you don't plan to go into the restaurant industry, it is a skill that will help you in your work in Japan.

Japanese daily life and culture is full of attention to detail, from the care of a bonsai tree or display, to the steps of a Japanese dance, to the subtle facial expressions in Kabuki!

Japanese Language and Communication

When you work in an office, you tend to learn specific Japanese words and phrases and spend most of your time working on the computer. But in the kitchen or at a restaurant, you have many opportunities to learn and use Japanese.

You need to learn and use Japanese in many situations, from naming ingredients and giving cooking instructions to interacting with customers. To serve customers, you need basic Japanese.

The Japanese required depends on the restaurant and the job. If you work at a ramen shop, you will often talk with your co-workers, but if there is a ticket machine to take orders, you may not have much conversation with customers. So even if you are worried about your Japanese, you can work in a Japanese restaurant.

What Japanese Food Restaurant Job Can You Get?

So you want to know what kind of Japanese restaurant jobs are available? Even if you have no experience, you can work in most of them. If you have a favorite Japanese food, why not start with that? You can learn how to cook, and some restaurants even offer a discount meal allowance.

It sounds like a great way to save money on food!


Japan is a country of rice. Japanese rice is very tasty. Donburi is a "rice bowl dish" in which various ingredients are cooked together and served over a bowl of delicious Japanese rice.

Working at this restaurant, you will learn various recipes that you can easily prepare at home. You can use the skills you learn in your daily life, so working at a restaurant specializing in this type of cuisine is a good idea.


Nowadays ramen is very popular overseas, and there are many ramen restaurants in cities all over the world. If you are interested, why not learn from the best restaurants in Japan? Have you ever thought about the right boiling time for a good bowl of ramen, or the secret flavor of the soup? If you want to learn more about ramen, there is a lot you can learn by working in a restaurant!


The history of buckwheat is very old. It was introduced to Japan from China in the 13th century. Since buckwheat is the main ingredient, it is very nutritious and healthy! Soba is the very essence of Japanese cuisine, and perhaps the best place to learn about Japanese culture. And you might even be able to perfectly master the noodle slurping method, which is not well known outside of Japan!


Izakaya is the perfect place to take a break after work. Here, colleagues and friends are chatting while enjoying food and drinks. Popular restaurants can be crowded, so this may be a chance to show off your deftness and Japanese language skills.

But during leisurely hours, you can also enjoy chatting with customers who are relaxing over drinks.

Izakaya offers a lot of different small dishes, so you can learn a lot about food preparation, cooking methods, seasoning, and so on. Working at an izakaya, you can learn a lot about Japanese society and human relations from both the staff and the customers.


Sushi is known all over the world and its demand is everywhere! You may have seen or visited a sushi restaurant in your own country. You may have seen or visited a sushi restaurant in your own country, but nothing beats authentic Japanese sushi.

Japanese sushi restaurants are full of tradition and are a great place to learn about the culture. Proper preparation of fish and other ingredients is what makes sushi so delicious. You can learn about Japan's fresh seafood and some places will even teach you how to make sushi.

Start Working in a Japanese Restaurant!

Japan has one of the highest standards of cuisine in the world, and even the most common chain restaurants are able to serve high quality food.

Working in a Japanese restaurant is like a special chance to learn about Japanese life and society. If you want to get acclimated to the Japanese way of life more quickly, why not apply for a restaurant job?

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