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Cooking Support at Tokyo Italian Restaurant 【Gotanda】

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Cooking Support at Tokyo Italian Restaurant 【Gotanda】

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
Regular employee…¥200,000 /month Part-time…¥1,200 /hour

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

Regular employee…
□ Need to have long-term resident or permanent resident status
*If you wish to apply for a visa, please consult with us
Both regular & part-time employees…
□ Value human relationships regardless of nationality
□ Can follow time and shift schedules
□ Can help each other if somebody has a problem
□ Has a nice smile

□ 定住・永住ビザをお持ちの方
□ 国籍問わず人間関係を大切にする人
□ 時間やシフトを守れる人
□ 困った人がいたらお互い助け合える人
□ 笑顔が素敵な人

Job Description

Job contents】
We are mainly looking for a full-time or part-time cooking assistant. Japanese ability does not matter as long as you can have a daily conversation. Our main priority is that you have a fun working relationship.

【Job Type】
Regular employee • Part-time

Regular employee…¥200,000 /month
Part-time…¥1,200 /hour

Gotanda ROMANO (1-5-1, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Gotanda station, JR Line

【Message from the company】
We operate 6 Italian restaurants and 1 Japanese izakaya in Tokyo. Our company has been around for 10 years. Up until now, it has been operated by mainly Japanese people, but recently foreign staff have also come in, and it is very helpful that they have been able to cook appetizers and prepare fish as cooking assistants.
Also, the main job is cooking assistance, but since it is an open kitchen restaurant, we are always working with customers in front of us. We would like you to talk to the customers and create a fun atmosphere once you get used to the job.
The company is still small, so we cannot give you as much as a big company may be able to, but we value our staff. We don't want to make you feel worried because you are a foreigner or because you may not be able to speak very much Japanese. More than that, when we see our staff doing their best, it makes us want to work harder too. We believe that the Japanese staff will learn more as a result of everyone's hard work, and the shop will become more vibrant thanks to everyone. We are looking forward to your application and meeting you. Tokyo Shokusai Koseki.




五反田ROMANO (東京都品川区西五反田1-5-1)
JR山手線 五反田駅

私達は主にイタリアンレストラン(客単価4,000~5,000円)を東京都内に6店舗、和食居酒屋を1店舗、運営しています。今年で10年目の会社です。今までは日本人が中心で運営してきましたが、最近は外国人の仲間も入ってくれ、調理補助だった人が今では前菜を創れるようになったり、魚をさばけるようになったりしていて、とても助かっています。また調理補助が主な仕事ですが、オープンキッチンのお店ですので、いつも目の前にお客様がいる中で仕事をします。お客様と話したりして楽しい雰囲気を作るのも、仕事に慣れてきたらしてほしいと思います。会社はまだまだ小さいですので、大きな会社のように何でも皆さんにしてあげられるわけではありません。 ですが私たちは仲間を大切にします。「外国人だから」「日本語があまりしゃべれないから」という理由で、皆さんを嫌な思いにはさせたくありません。それよりも、一生懸命働く姿を観れば、私たちも「もっと頑張らないと」と思うことができます。皆さんが頑張ってくれることで、私たち日本人も勉強になり、皆さんのおかげでお店が活性化すると信じています。皆さんの応募をお待ちしています。ぜひ一度お会いしましょう。 東京食彩 古関

About Company

Tokyo Shokusai

Tokyo Shokusai is a company that manages a cheerful Italian restaurant. There are currently 7 foreign staff members, including Vietnamese, Chinese, and Italians doing part-time jobs. Everything from purchasing to cooking is done in-restaurant, so customers can enjoy homemade Italian cuisine to their heart's content.

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