Hall/Kitchen Staff Wanted for Breakfast Shift at Hotel!

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Hall/Kitchen Staff Wanted for Breakfast Shift at Hotel!

Job Information

Job Type
Hotel Staff
Work type
Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
¥1,020/h~ *Transportation fees will be provided

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Need to work 2 ~5 days a week
□ Need to have a valid working visa
□ Need to understand Japanese

Job Description

【Job Content】
Make/serve breakfast for guests at the hotel
The number varies based on the day, but you will serve 30~100 people.
➀ Kitchen staff
If you like cooking, you can master the job even if you do not have any experience, as we generally use ready-made food
Senior staff also began working for us when they had no experience
➁ Hall service staff
As it is a breakfast buffet, you will not take orders.
You will serve dishes and drinks, clean the tables, and take tickets from guests.
Transportation expenses will be paid (up to ¥800)
【Working hour】
6:00am ~ 10:00am (10:30)
Shift will depend on the numbers of the guests
2~5 days a week
Staff meal
Hotel Grand San Yokohama
8-122, Chojamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city
10-minute walk from JR Kannai station
5-minute walk from Hinodemachi station (Keihin Kyuko)
6-mnute walk from Isesaki Chojamachi station (Yokohamashiei Chikatetsu)

About Company

Our company operates restaurants and cafes, services commissioned by other restaurants and cafes, banquet services for hotels, and bridal businesses.

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