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Staffs for recycling company Wanted! Collecting recycle waste

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Staffs for recycling company Wanted! Collecting recycle waste

Job Information

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Job Requirement

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□ Anyone who has driver’s license for medium vehicle or who is able to obtain one in the future
□ Anyone resides near the working location (allowed to commute by bike)
□ Anyone can work 3 days a week, more than 6 hours per day
□ Students are welcome

Job Description

【Job Content】
1 Collect recyclable waste
It is Collect recyclable garbage (bottles, cans, plastic bottles) from homes while driving a collection vehicle along the route.
There are five collection routes in total. Go around 1 route each day Monday through Friday. (Example: Toshima-ku on Monday, Minato-ku on Tuesday)
2 Transport recyclable waste
It iTransport the collected recyclable waste to a recycling plant once a week.

** To do these jobs it’s required that you have a medium-sized vehicle driving license to drive a collection vehicle. You can apply for and start this job even if you don’t have the license, but you will need to take the JAF exam and acquire the license in the future.

● Senior staff will teach you! You can learn the work and the collecting route you will go around little by little.
● On rainy days, we will be working with a raincoat
Full-time employee - ¥10,000/day (pay raise depending on your performance)
【Working hours】
Monday to Friday / Tuesday to Saturday
Sanada Co., Ltd.
20-8, Higashishinkoiwa 4-chome, Katsushika, Tokyo
□ Traveling expenses will be paid up to ¥10,000.
□ Social insurance (1 month after entering)
□ Welfare pension (1 month after entering)

About Company

Sanada Co., Ltd. aims to harmonize sales of returnable containers, waste recycling business, trucking business and environmental conservation, and consider the impact of business activities on the local community environment and the global environment. We strive to reduce all environmental impacts and make effective use of resources.

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