【Osaka】Exterior Waterproof Construction Worker

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【Osaka】Exterior Waterproof Construction Worker

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Permanent Visa Holder
□ Lives around Osaka
□ Conversational level of Japanese(N3)
□ No experience needed

Job Description

▼Job Content
Support work for construction workers such as exterior work (painting and waterproofing work)
¥1,000/h 〜
・Overtime allowance fully paid
※Working hours change
※Holidays change depending on the situations
▼Working hour
8:00~17:00 (an hour break)
You will meet at the office
Go directory to construction sites
(Noda Branch: 3-2-32, Yoshino, Fukushima words, Osaka city | 4min from JR Noda station)
□ Transportation fees will be fully paid
□ Uniform and shoes can be provided
□ full-time employee recruitment system
□ Liability compensation and business accident insurance
The appeal of this job is the unique high-quality product and construction work that only Hamacast can do.
It is an environment where you can feel the fun and reward of improving your skills. There is also an opportunity to be promoted to a full-time employee depending on your ability.

About Company

Hamacast Co.,Ltd.

Hamacast was founded in September 1945 as a waterproof construction company. Since its incorporation in 1961, it has developed into an exterior construction company that also handles exterior wall construction.

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