【Osaka】Scaffold Constructors | Bonus and Pay Raises Available

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【Osaka】Scaffold Constructors | Bonus and Pay Raises Available

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Bonus and Pay Raises Available

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥10,000/day~ ¥20,000/day

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have one of the following status of residence: Permanent, Long-term, or Spouse Visa
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ No experience needed

Job Description

▼Job Content
Workers are responsible for building scaffolding for repairing, building, or destroying buildings.
¥9,000/day (Training period)
¥10,000/day~ ¥20,000/day
*Dependent on your work attitude.
▼Working hour
6:45 (Meeting time)
*Dependent on construction site

Osaka area
Head office: 1-16-16 Higashinakamoto, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, Osaka
(Metro “Midoribashi station” 5-minute walk)
Sundays, National holidays, GW, Summer holidays, New year holidays
□ Transportation fee will be paid
□ Social insurances
□ Pay raises
□ Bonus available
□ Qualification, driver and night shift allowances
□ Qualification acquisition support system
□ Company house available (for single people)
□ Working clothes will be provided
□ Tools will be provided
□ Birthday gift provided
□ Recreational Activities
□ Company trip (optional)

About Company

Daiyu Kensetsu

Through scaffolding construction, Daiyu Construction provides an efficient working environment. We also take on orders for scaffolding dismantling for new construction, using the proven skills and know-how of our craftsmen to carry out the work quickly and carefully. Because this is a construction project that is accompanied by loud noises, we make sure to give a polite greeting to those living in the neighboring areas.

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