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【Kanto Area】Full Time Construction Job

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【Kanto Area】Full Time Construction Job

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Stable Income and Raise in salary available

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
・Japanese level N4
・Sliding and mobile crane experience(You may take qualification exam after you joined the company)

Job Description

▼Job Contents 
Various construction
In the ground improvement work, concrete pillars are constructed in the ground using machines.
We also assemble and erect block walls.
▼Wage ※Monthly Payment
Various construction duties
220,800 yen ...
<Regarding the salary>
・Higher pay when asked to work on a holiday.
・A qualification allowance available (Related vehicles).
・Raise in salary system.
・Bonus once a year (March).
▼Working time
8:00~17:00 / 9:00~18:00
Construction sites near
Suidobashi station(Tokyo)
Gyautoku station(Chiba)
Toda station(Saitama)
Kamoi station(Kanagawa)
2 days off a week(Depending on Sunday and holiday working shifts)
Year-end and New Year's/ Summer Holiday
□ Social insurance (Health insurance/Welfare pension/Employment insurance/Compensation insurance)
□ Paid day-off system (After you entered the company for 6 months)
□ Dormitory available (Supports dorm rent fee. The water supply energy bill self-pay)
□ Visa sponsorship, and renewing VISA support available
□ Shift system

About Company

Traverse is the site surveying division of a major house manufacturer, providing surveying, ground and soil investigation, and ground improvement for detached houses and other projects. Ground improvement work is one of our strengths. As a pioneer in this field, we have developed a series of original methods using cutting-edge technology and are leading the industry.
Based on the idea that a safe life starts from a safe ground, we support our customers’ lives as a behind-the-scenes supporter, not an invisible force.

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